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Spooky TriPeaks

Spooky TriPeaks is a special Halloween edition of the card game TriPeaks. Remove the cards by moving them to the discard stack in the right order.

How to play Spooky TriPeaks?

In this solitaire game, you have to remove the cards from the table by moving them to the discard stack. You can discard any playing card that is one point higher or one point lower in value than the previous card on the stack.

You can only pick up cards that are turned face up. Cards that are covered by another playing card will remain face down until you have removed the cards on top.

If you can’t remove any cards, you can draw one from the stockpile to place on top of the discard stack. The jokers are wildcards.

Game Controls

Use the mouse. Tap to select the cards.

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Who created Spooky TriPeaks?

Spooky TriPeaks was created by BestPhysics.