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Solitaire Farm Season 3

Solitaire Farm Seasons 3 is a Tripeaks card sorting game with +3400 levels! Remove the cards in the right order. Unlock different parts of the farm and earn coins by harvesting crops. You’ll need them to keep unlocking new puzzles.

How to play Solitaire Farm Seasons 3?

The aim is to remove all of the cards on the table. You can pick up any face-up card that is one point higher or one point lower than the previous card on the discard pile.

If you cannot match any cards, you can draw a new one from your stockpile or use a Joker. Add extra cards to your stockpile by clearing away five or more cards in a row to form a streak.

Travel Around the Farm

By completing Tripeaks puzzles, you can continue on your journey around the farm. Unlock new fields, plant crops and harvest them. Each harvest will earn extra coins.

You can use these coins to unlock new levels, and to buy extra cards when your stockpile runs out. 

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This game continues the charming farm theme of the preceding installments, Solitaire Farm Seasons 1 and Solitaire Farm Seasons 2.  Both games were created by Softgames. To play lots of other free online puzzle games from this creative studio, check out our Softgames collection page.

Who created Solitaire Farm Seasons 3?

Solitaire Farm Seasons 3 was created by Softgames. 

When was Solitaire Farm Seasons 3 first released?

This game was first released on June 18, 2024.