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Ropeman 3D

A city full of criminals awaits you in Ropeman 3D. Take them on in this exciting online game!

You’ll be going after them with a cool weapon in this action game. It can launch electrically charged ropes! You can use it to shock your enemies or hit various objects. Find out what happens when you fling a rope at a flammable barrel or a helicopter! You can also earn coins to buy upgrades and other useful supplies during each thrilling mission.

How to Play Ropeman 3D?

Team up with Ropeman in this aim and shoot game. You’ll be going up against a small army of bad guys. Take them down as fast as you can. They won’t hesitate to fight back!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to launch a rope.
  • MOVE THE MOUSE to hurl an enemy or an object.

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Who Developed Ropeman 3D?

Ropeman 3D was created by