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Ragdoll Soccer

How many goals will you score in Ragdoll Soccer?

It's an incredibly fun ragdoll game, but it's also a challenging one. These guys can barely hold themselves together while they swing back and forth over a series of really strange soccer arenas. Join them while they kick a bunch of balls toward the goal in each level, but watch out. They’re much more delicate than your average soccer player!

You can play on your own or go up against a friend in the two player mode. How far will you get before your ragdoll completely falls apart?

How to Play Ragdoll Soccer?

Ragdoll Soccer is an exciting physics game. Do your best to keep your ragdoll in one piece while you attempt to score tons of goals before time runs out.

Game Controls 

Player 1

PRESS A AND D to swing.
PRESS W AND S to move up and down.
PRESS THE SPACEBAR to launch or detach your rope.

Player 2

PRESS THE UP ARROW AND DOWN ARROW to move up and down.
PRESS THE L BUTTON to launch or detach your rope.

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Who Developed Ragdoll Soccer?

Ragdoll Soccer was created by RHM Interactive.