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Punch Bob

Punch Bob is a funny physics game in which you can help pro wrestler Bob defeat an army of bad guys. Unlock new game modes involving flaming fists, bombs, and more!

How to play Punch Bob?

In each level of this skill game, Bob will have to face enemies ranging from ninjas and gangsters to demons, robots, and Hulk Hogan lookalikes. Fling Bob across the platforms to knock out your opponents. Land on top of them and crush them with your enormous wrestler’s body powerful slams.

You can also break through crates, kick rolling barrels, or stomp the boxes of dynamite to blow things up. Complete each level by knocking out all the enemies, but make sure Bob doesn’t get thrown out of bounds. You will also have to dodge the innocent bystanders and make sure they don’t get hurt.

As you unlock more game modes, you can play a series of levels in which Bob can shoot flames with his fists to hit enemies, break platforms, crush flying drones, and press buttons to control various machines and hatches. Or unlock the bomb mode to blow up your enemies instead. Keep playing to discover all the different game modes.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Tap Bob and drag to make a dotted line appear
  • The dotted line shows where Bob will jump
  • Release to throw him

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Who created Punch Bob?

Punch Bob was created by Simplicity Games.