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Nose Hospital

Nose Hospital is a surgery game featuring a series of minor, major, and just outright gross nasal issues and nose treatments. These patients really need your help! Get ready to apply your medical skills to all manner of crusty snot and slimy mucus.

From pimples and flaking skin to serious nasal infections, painful swellings, and infected nose piercings, you can handle it all in this surgery game. You’ll also be treating a number of other issues, such as lip sores, insect bites, and eye infections.

How to play Nose Hospital?

Pick up the medical tools that appear on the screen. You’ll need tweezers, blemish extractor tools, a scalpel, gauze, and more! Use the right tools on the highlighted area of the patient’s face to pop those pimples, clean away the snot and crusts, and perform minor surgical procedures.

If you need to move the tool a certain way, arrows or other instructions will appear on screen. When the procedure is done, you can take a picture. You can then use the slider to compare the before and after pictures. Tap the NEXT button to move on to the next patient.  

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Who created Nose Hospital?

Nose Hospital was created by BPTop. 

When was Nose Hospital first released?

This game was first released on April 18, 2024.