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Monster School Challenges

Another day of classes is about to begin in Monster School Challenges. Head to your first one in this totally hilarious online game.

These monsters may not know much but, fortunately, Monster School has pretty great faculty and their teachers are top notch! Tag along with each peculiar pupil as they try to get through lessons that involve everything from flipping bottles to parkour in this retro action game. You’ll have to be careful, of course. If you mess up, they'll get a failing grade and might even wind up having to spend time in the losers section of this somewhat scary school!

How to Play Monster School Challenges?

Monster School Challenges is a funny skill game. The player must help a series of zombies, vampires, and other young ghouls complete various lessons during their school day.

Game Controls


  • LEFT CLICK to perform various tasks.


  • PRESS S to stop.

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Who Developed Monster School Challenges?

Monster School Challenges was created by the Stickman vs. Monster School Team.