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Mini Market Tycoon

Mini Market Tycoon is an incremental management game in which you can run your own food market. Try to get your produce onto the shelves as quickly as you can, and don’t keep your customers waiting.

How to play Mini Market Tycoon?

In this shop game you can grow your own produce outside, and quickly take into the shop to sell to your customers. Grow tomatoes, wheat, and coffee beans, and keep animals to produce eggs and milk as well.

You can also unlock new machines to create other products such as tomato ketchup and bread. There’s a lot to do in the store, so don’t forget to hire new sales assistants, a cashier, and assistant farmers to help take care of your animals.

Keep expanding your store. How big can you grow it? Make sure you keep upgrading your main character as well as your assistants so that they can keep up with the growing crowds in your ever-expanding farm shop.

Game Controls


Hold and drag to move your character around the shop and the farmyard outside.

Arrow keys

You can also use the arrow keys to control your character.

  • To purchase new items, move your character to the boxes indicating new shelves, enclosures and machines.
  • To hire and upgrade staff for your store, use the green button in the top left corner of the screen.

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Who developed Mini Market Tycoon?

Mini Market Tycoon was developed by Trendy Games.