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Match Master

Match Master is an item matching puzzle game in which you can clear up the cluster by finding the identical pairs.

How to play Match Master?

The aim is the clear up each room before the time on the clock runs out. Grab an item and drag it to the round hatch. Now, find the matching half on the pair and drag that to the hatch as well.

If it’s a match, the hatch will open and the items will drop away. Work your way through increasingly large piles of clutter. Between levels, you can use the coins you’ve earned to renovate the house.

Tips for Playing Match Master

The items are 3D, and can tip over or roll about. An item might look different from the top than it does when viewed from the side or upside down. This makes certain items trickier to find sometimes.

Moving and Discarding Items
You can push or toss items aside to take a better look at what’s underneath. If an item is placed on the hatch but you can’t find its counterpart, you can always pick it up and toss it back onto the floor.

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Who created Match Master?

Match Master was created by NovaSky.

When was Match Master first released?

This game was first released on June 11, 2024.