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Love and Treasure Quest

This brave knight has tons of stuff on his to-do list today. Maybe you could help him out in Love and Treasure Quest.

As you may have already guessed, he's going on an epic quest for love and treasure in this medieval puzzle game. Help him defeat goblins while he attempts to snag gobs of gold and win the heart of at least one fair maiden. There's also several achievements you can earn as well.

The knight will have to come up with clever ways to deal with the goblins and avoid getting burnt to a crisp by super hot lava. Will you be able to keep him safe? He has tons of towers and castles to raid, so you’d better get to work!

How to Play Love and Treasure Quest?

Team up with a fearless knight while he goes on a quest for gold and romance in this physics-based adventure game. Slide the rods out from the brackets as he explores castles and tangles with fearsome enemies.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND DRAG on a rod to move it.
  • UNCLICK once you have it in a particular spot or have removed it entirely.

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Who Developed Love and Treasure Quest?

Love and Treasure Quest was created by Hit Games.