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Heroes Inc!

Saving the day isn't always going to be easy in Heroes Inc! Team up with a fearless warrior with amazing powers in this thrilling online game.

You'll be able to modify your hero before you begin each exciting mission. Should they go into battle with the ability to make gigantic rocks appear out of nowhere? Would they be better off frying their enemies with flames that can shoot out of their hands? You'll get to decide in this awesome action game.

How to Play Heroes Inc?

Battling tons of robots and other enemies is just another day at the office in Heroes Inc. Think you’re up for it? Then dive into this cool adventure game. You can modify your hero with different powers between each mission with the upgrades you'll collect during each mission.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to move your hero. They’ll attack automatically.

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Who Developed Heroes Inc?

Heroes Inc was created by YAD.