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Heart of Iona

Heart of Iona is a narrative adventure game in which you embark on an adventure with Ella, a young princess whose kingdom falls into chaos when the royal castle is attacked by a group of ferocious dragons on the day of her coronation. 

Seeking shelter in the castle dungeons, Ella discovers another dragon that has been held captive there. Freeing the dragon will finally give her the opportunity to escape her stifling life within the castle walls, but at what cost? 

How to play Heart of Iona?

Whenever Ella faces a choice in this narrative game, your decisions drive the story forward. In each situation, you can choose what she should say or do. Your responses will determine her fate and that of the kingdom. Will you place your trust in the right people? Each decision will affect the ending of the story.

What dark secrets will Ella uncover about the royal family’s history and the tragedy that befell the kingdom at the time of her birth? What is the meaning of the spiritual connection she feels with the dragons? Who is the pirate girl who looks like the mirror image of the royal heiress? Unravel clues and awaken the powerful magic that sleeps within the heart of Iona!

Play the premium version of Heart of Iona

Be sure to check out the premium version of Heart of Iona on Steam as well. Here, the story of Iona is brought to life with enhanced visuals that include realistic character designs and highly detailed backgrounds. 

Game Controls

Left click with the mouse or tap the touchscreen to select the different story options and choices.

Who created Heart of Iona?

Heart of Iona was created by 2Play. 

When was Heart of Iona first released?

The web version of this game was released on June 19, 2023.