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Happy Glass 2

Three different modes are waiting for you in Happy Glass 2. Find out if you can fill the glasses to the correct levels before you start flipping them over!

This sequel to the popular puzzle game could keep you playing for hours. Try to fill the glasses to the precise water lines or flip them into the correct spots. You can also attempt to remove blocks from underneath glasses that have already been filled, but do so carefully and try not to spill any water. You’ll need some quick reflexes and a sharp eye to beat every level!

How to Play Happy Glass 2?

Can you get past every challenging level in this skill game? Try to fill the containers with water up to the designated lines, flip them into a particular spot, or remove blocks that are under them.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to turn on the tap or determine the power of a flip.
  • LEFT CLICK to remove a block.
  • UNCLICK to turn off the tap or flip a glass container.

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Who Developed Happy Glass?

Happy Glass was created by DAB3Games.