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Join a battle from beyond the grave in! These poltergeists are getting ready to pummel their opponents in this multiplayer game!

There's a fight tonight! Team up with a ghost that has just found itself in a graveyard that's been turned into an epic battle arena. It will need to start devouring as many soul orbs as it can and fast in this creepy, challenging, and totally cool .io game! That's the only way it will become powerful enough to deal with tons of greedy ghouls that are each determined to drain its energy.

Fortunately, there's lots of helpful items scattered around the graveyard. Grab a shield that will protect your ghost or a magical boot that will let it pick up the pace. There's also magnets that will help it grab tons of soul orbs. How long can you stay in the fight before your spunky spirit is knocked back into the afterlife?

How to Play

Try to keep floating for as long as you can in this multiplayer action game. Help your ghost grab lots of soul orbs while you avoid the spirits controlled by the other players. You can steal their orbs if you have more of them than an opponent, but watch out! Ghosts more powerful than your own can quickly steal yours. If you run out of orbs, it'll be game over!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide your ghost around the graveyard.

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