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Esport Gamer Tycoon

Fortune and fame await you in Esport Gamer Tycoon! Have you got what it takes to become internet famous in this strategy game?

You'll need to gain followers, keep them entertained, and earn partners along the way in this simulation game. There's tons of cash up for grabs plus lots of cool stuff you can purchase like energy drinks and better speakers for your computer.

How to Play Esport Gamer Tycoon?

Find out what it's like to work as a professional gamer in this tap game. Try to impress your followers while you play games, develop partnerships with other players, and lots more. The controls are simple, but the road to success could be a long one.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to play games, make choices, and more.

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Who Developed Esport Gamer Tycoon?

Esport Gamer Tycoon was created by Princess Girls.