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Do Dragons Exist?

Do Dragons Exist? is an arcade game in which your objective is to collect animals and evolve to create a dragon. You start with a tiny tadpole. Can you work your way up to a mighty mythical beast? 

How to play Do Dragons Exist?

Swim through the pool with your tadpole and try to devour and collect other tadpoles. Each tadpole you touch will be added to your mob. Once you collect three of the same kind, your tadpole will evolve into a new creature.

Keep collecting tadpoles and other animals that are smaller or equal in size and type. Your swarm will expand and you will continue evolving. Work your way through goldfish, dragon-like eels, and ever-bigger creatures.

If you are attacked by a larger creature, you might lose some of your mob, or even devolve into a smaller animal. If the attack is severe and your creature dies, you will shrink all the way back down to a tadpole again.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to control the direction in which your creatures move.

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Who created Do Dragons Exist?

Do Dragons Exist? was created by HolaStudio. 

When was Do Dragons Exist? first released?

This game was released on August 2, 2023.