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Coffee Stack

Can you get through the obstacle courses in Coffee Stack? It’s time to find out how many cups of joe you can brew in this weird and wacky coffee game.

Each obstacle course in this crazy action game is lined with all the things you’ll need to become a successful barista. There’s coffee mashers, cups, and even sleeves, but there's also plenty of hazards, too. You’ll have to avoid everything from saw blades to bar stools as you attempt to deliver coffee to all the caffeine-deprived customers waiting for you at the finish lines!

How to Play Coffee Stack?

Your goal in Coffee Stack is to deliver as many cups of delicious coffee as you can to the customers waiting for you at the end of each level. Use various machines and objects to fill the cups and even put sleeves on them, but watch out! You’ll lose lots of cash if you crash into the hazards in this skill game.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide your coffee cups through each obstacle course.

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Who Developed Coffee Stack?

Coffee Stack was created by BestGames.