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Castle Defense

Protect your kingdom at all costs in Castle Defense! Will you be able to hold back a gigantic tide of enemies in this strategic action game?

You’ll be going up against orcs, goblins, and even gigantic spiders in this intense tower defense game. Fight back with powerful wizards, guard towers packed full of archers, and more. Use your resources wisely while you try to prevent the forces of evil from reaching the gates of your castle!

How to Play Castle Defense?

Fight to protect your kingdom in Castle Defense. A gigantic army of villains is determined to raid your castle in this strategy game. Choose the perfect spots for your towers while you send knights, wizards, and other warriors into battle to stop your enemies in their tracks.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK, DRAG, AND DROP to place warriors and towers along the roads that lead to your castle.

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Who Developed Castle Defense?

Castle Defense was created by Emoji Games GmbH.