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Bubble UP!

Bubble UP! is a bubble shooter game with fun and challenging levels. Play this game to relax and pop bubbles, or train your brain and go for the highest score! Discover challenging levels with colorful bubbles and easy-to-learn gameplay.

How to play Bubble UP!

Clear the entire playing field of bubbles by shooting at groups of the same color. Eliminate a cluster by aiming and releasing the cannon with an identical bubble. You can use the walls to make the bubbles ricochet. Any bubble groups that lose their attachment to the ceiling if you hit the cluster above it will also pop, so plan your shots carefully! At the bottom of the screen, you can see which bubble color is up next. You can switch the first two bubbles with one another.

Game controls

  • Use the mouse or touchscreen to aim and release the bubbles. 
  • Click or tap the cannon to switch to the next bubble.

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Who created Bubble UP!?

This online bubble game was developed by 2Play.

When was Bubble UP! released?

This free bubble game was first released online in September 2023.