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Relic Runway

Jim is a fearless treasure hunter, but he may have finally met his match in Relic Runway, an exciting running game. Could you help him escape from the clutches of an enchanted statue? It’s determined to prevent Jim from sneaking out of an ancient temple with some very valuable gems. 

He’ll have to move as fast as a runner in Relic Runway. Fortunately, he can collect awesome stuff during his thrilling adventures like useful boosters, awesome character cards, valuable relics, and more.

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Game Controls

  • UP ARROW to jump and swing
  • LEFT ARROW to move left
  • RIGHT ARROW to move right
  • DOWN ARROW to slide and open crates 

About the Game Developer 

This game was made by Gemioli, a gaming company that also produced exciting titles like Yeti Sensation and Skate Hooligans.