Virtual Games

  • Squirrel Virtual Pet
    Squirrel Virtual Pet
    Played 3175 times

    Give this sweet squirrel a good home!

  • Teddy Textile
    Teddy Textile
    Played 529 times

    Stitch together a virtual stuffed friend from scratch with love!

  • Horse Jumping 2
    Horse Jumping 2
    Played 39202 times

    You'll be jumping for joy when you have a new and improved virtual horse to ride and care for!

  • Duck Pond Puzzle
    Duck Pond Puzzle
    Played 611 times

    With your animal love, the duck pond will truly be the perfect place for all your virtual pets!

  • Rosy Creativity: Necklace Maker
    Rosy Creativity: Necklace Maker
    Played 487 times

    String together a picture-perfect virtual gift for your BFF, your mom, or even yourself!

  • Baby Horse Deluxe
    Baby Horse Deluxe
    Played 3544 times

    Real horses take a lot of work, but with this virtual foal you can live out all your horsie fantasies!

  • The Piano
    The Piano
    Played 17627 times

    Compose a masterpiece on this virtual piano.

  • Cookie Maker
    Cookie Maker
    Played 480 times

    Succeed in this virtual cookie factory to unlock real-life cookie recipes!

  • Virtual Hair Salon
    Virtual Hair Salon
    Played 1134 times

    Run your own hair salon!

  • ArtPad
    Played 4746 times

    Let out your inner-artist without the mess in this virtual painting studio.

  • Virtual Keyboard
    Virtual Keyboard
    Played 28304 times

    Select your instrument and play back the tune you have chosen.

  • Virtual Pet Game
    Virtual Pet Game
    Played 5646 times

    Choose your kitten and care for him for the first year of his life!

  • Virtual Guitar
    Virtual Guitar
    Played 706 times

    A nice game to practise the sounds of a guitar.

  • Virtual Drums
    Virtual Drums
    Played 2982 times

    Become a real drum hero!