Santa Games

  • Crazy Santa Cookies
    Crazy Santa Cookies
    Played 836 times

    Christmas is an awesome time to EAT! So let’s go!!

  • Where is 2009?
    Where is 2009?
    Played 2752 times

    That kid 2009 got lost - help Santa find the New Year.

  • Rush Rush Santa
    Rush Rush Santa
    Played 128 times

    Santa's sled must be broken—he's on a scooter this year!

  • Santa snowboarding
    Santa snowboarding
    Played 56 times

    Help Santa collect the Christmas bling!

  • Santa Fartypants
    Santa Fartypants
    Played 112 times

    Help Santa deliver the presents through the chimneys by using his fart powered pants. Look for gaseous food types!

  • Santa Jigsaw Puzzle
    Santa Jigsaw Puzzle
    Played 184 times

    Put all the puzzles together to see Santa Claus!

  • Christmas Gifts
    Christmas Gifts
    Played 39 times

    Santa needs his star reindeer's help handing out presents to the mobs of Christmas kids!

  • Santa Claus Painting
    Santa Claus Painting
    Played 44 times

    Add extra cheer to this Christmas scene with color!

  • Sue's Santa Gifts
    Sue's Santa Gifts
    Played 177 times

    Can you help the Santas get the Christmas gifts out on time?

  • Santa Claus Puzzle 2
    Santa Claus Puzzle 2
    Played 36 times

    Fit the jigsaw pieces together to see Santa Claus!

  • North Pole Decoration
    North Pole Decoration
    Played 17 times

    Help Santa sort this mess; it's the North Pole's big day!

  • Wanted santa
    Wanted santa
    Played 51 times

    Collect presents for points and get to the top platform by bouncing off clouds.

  • Happy Santa
    Happy Santa
    Played 17 times

    Light up these houses with the happiness of Christmas gifting joy.

  • Gift delivery
    Gift delivery
    Played 37 times

    Help Santa deliver gifts to the sleeping children in 11 houses before time's up!

  • Xmas Shopping
    Xmas Shopping
    Played 146 times

    Elf up and help Santa with his Xmas shopping!

  • Santa Mouse Painting
    Santa Mouse Painting
    Played 37 times

    Add Christmas cheer with a dab of color for Santa Mouse!

  • The Santa Quiz
    The Santa Quiz
    Played 357 times

    Santahood isn't just a beard, belly, and red suit. It's about Christmas spirit! So what kind of Santa are you?

  • Dress the snowman
    Dress the snowman
    Played 75 times

    Dress the snowman, decorate the tree and put the stars on Santa!

  • Santa vs. Jack
    Santa vs. Jack
    Played 34 times

    Help Santa deliver as many fancy dress costumes as possible before time runs out!