Pony Games

  • Pony Candyland Run
    Pony Candyland Run
    Played 25220 times

    Cake is this pony’s favorite type of food. Join her as she dashes through a kingdom full of delicious desserts in this action game. Just be sure to keep her away from the force fields.

  • Pretty Pony Daycare
    Pretty Pony Daycare
    Played 1685 times

    Our pony has been playing in the mud! See if you can get her looking all sparkling clean and pretty again!

  • Pony Care 3
    Pony Care 3
    Played 1414 times

    Another group of ponies is looking for some totally magical makeovers...

  • Flappy Little Pony
    Flappy Little Pony
    Played 375 times

    It's not Flappy Bird, but Flappy Pony...and she's out of control. Make yourself flappin’ furious!

  • Ponies in the City
    Ponies in the City
    Played 50828 times

    What's your inner pony, city girl?

  • My Cute Pets
    My Cute Pets
    Played 1987 times

    Take good care of your cute pets, the kitten, puppy and pony. How long can you keep them happy?

  • My Pony Park
    My Pony Park
    Played 6785 times

    Design a park paradise for prancing ponies!

  • Pony Camp Dress Up
    Pony Camp Dress Up
    Played 952 times

    Pony Camp's elegant equestrians need your input on what to wear!

  • My Pony Tale
    My Pony Tale
    Played 426 times

    This spunky stallion's out to steal his true love's heart!

  • Bubble Hit: Pony Parade
    Bubble Hit: Pony Parade
    Played 922 times

    Round 'em up and wrangle 'em in—these prancing ponies are looking for a poppin' good time!

  • Pina Pony
    Pina Pony
    Played 1508 times

    Take this candy-hungry piñata pony on a sweet spree!

  • Pony Parade Dress Up
    Pony Parade Dress Up
    Played 1468 times

    Give your pony pal the perfect look to lead the parade!

  • Pony Run
    Pony Run
    Played 14837 times

    Hop those hurdles and giddy up across the finish line!

  • Fantasy Pony Dress Up
    Fantasy Pony Dress Up
    Played 523 times

    This fantasy pony has more beautiful dress-up options than you could possibly dream!

  • Pretty Pony Dress Up
    Pretty Pony Dress Up
    Played 2280 times

    Saddle up for one of the cutest dress-up games ever!

  • Snowy Pony
    Snowy Pony
    Played 5414 times

    This pretty white pony loves to prance in the snow and catch snowflakes on his tongue!

  • Pony Land
    Pony Land
    Played 2302 times

    Create an army of perfect little ponies at play!

  • Pony Princess Hairstyles
    Pony Princess Hairstyles
    Played 721 times

    Why is she the princess of the ponies? Because of her wild mane, of course!

  • Pet Home Designer: Cozy Pony Land
    Pet Home Designer: Cozy Pony Land
    Played 1189 times

    Do you know what kind of home ponies love? Find out by designing one and seeing if the pony likes it!

  • Fantasy Filly
    Fantasy Filly
    Played 3648 times

    Design your very own personal perfect pony! (Psst! Unicorn and pegasus lovers: horns and wings are included!)

  • Her Little Pony Dress Up
    Her Little Pony Dress Up
    Played 982 times

    Pretty as a peach, she's perfectly paired with her precious little pony!

  • Girl Fashion
    Girl Fashion
    Played 2293 times

    Design your own clothes and see how it fits on the girl, pony and puppy.

  • Mane Attraction Pony Dress Up
    Mane Attraction Pony Dress Up
    Played 27376 times

    Give a fabulous makeover to this beautiful horse!