Mind Games

  • Binary Bears
    Binary Bears
    Played 585 times

    Are you a fan of Sudoku games? If so, then you’ll love this binary code game! Fill the grid up with 0s and 1s!

  • Let Them Fight
    Let Them Fight
    Played 149 times

    Icky blobs are trying to invade the planet. Fortunately, these two boys know just how to handle ‘em!

  • Super Pop Star Dress Up
    Super Pop Star Dress Up
    Played 61 times

    As a pop star, you shouldn't mind getting dressed in front of an audience!

  • Decorate My Phone
    Decorate My Phone
    Played 898 times

    With a phone, you won't mind being put on hold.

  • Mind Your Manners Tea Party
    Mind Your Manners Tea Party
    Played 8034 times

    Strawberry and her friends do it right when they do it polite.

  • The Lost Bride
    The Lost Bride
    Played 80 times

    A cloud of pink love fogs your mind, but you must keep true to the path laid out before you…

  • Totomi
    Played 11 times

    Stack these totems to the sky, keeping in mind who's friends with whom!