Magic Games

  • Charger Escape
    Charger Escape
    Played 95491 times

    If you look hard enough, you can find magic anywhere.

  • Sue's Witch Magic Makeover
    Sue's Witch Magic Makeover
    Played 15049 times

    Can you find the right spell to transform the ugly witch into Sue?

  • Frogtastic
    Played 15618 times

    How do you turn a frog into a prince? Kiss it while wearing the perfect magic lipstick, of course!

  • Magic Pen
    Magic Pen
    Played 2287 times

    Use your drawing skills and the laws of physics to get ahead in this game!

  • Unicorn Dress Up
    Unicorn Dress Up
    Played 2034 times

    Make a colorful unicorn look that's pure magic!

  • Princesses at School of Magic
    Princesses at School of Magic
    Played 18966 times

    These two princesses were just accepted into the very prestigious School of Magic. Help them collect all the stuff they’ll need before they choose some downright magical outfits in this enchanting dress up game.

  • Magic Feather Dress Up
    Magic Feather Dress Up
    Played 4315 times

    Tweet wants your help becoming the ultimate exotic bird.

  • Rooms
    Played 582 times

    You'll need more than just keys and magic to escape this maze of rooms.

  • Mila's Magic Shop
    Mila's Magic Shop
    Played 1934 times

    It can be very tough running a magic shop in this large kingdom, but it’s a good thing that Mila has you to help her out! Give what the customers want in this fun 2D fantasy shop game!

  • Magic Swirl Ice Cream
    Magic Swirl Ice Cream
    Played 1017 times

    Good ice cream is hard to forget, but can you remember these tasty orders?

  • Neverland Decoration
    Neverland Decoration
    Played 1888 times

    Add your own magic to this Neverland scene!

  • Magic Girl Dress Up
    Magic Girl Dress Up
    Played 558 times

    Which dress and accessories will suit this enchanting girl from a magic world?

  • Magic Toy Factory
    Magic Toy Factory
    Played 1361 times

    Aim your cannon, match 3 of the same bubbles and move your train to catch the falling toys.

  • Magic Forest Decoration
    Magic Forest Decoration
    Played 45 times

    Bring some order to this cute, magical forest village!

  • Bubble Odyssey
    Bubble Odyssey
    Played 65 times

    This tiny witch is about to burst with bubble-blasting magic!

  • Little Black Dress
    Little Black Dress
    Played 53 times

    Every girl knows the magic of the LBD…

  • Monster Master
    Monster Master
    Played 146 times

    Use your monsters and magic to defeat your opponent.

  • Magic Pet Catcher
    Magic Pet Catcher
    Played 22 times

    It's kinda like fishing...but instead of fish, you catch critters you've never seen in your wildest dreams!

  • 1001 Nights Dress Up
    1001 Nights Dress Up
    Played 458 times

    Get this Arabian moonbeam dressed for a magic carpet ride!

  • Magic Garden Make Up
    Magic Garden Make Up
    Played 39 times

    Give this girl a make-up that matches her magical charm.

  • Magical Girl
    Magical Girl
    Played 67 times

    This enchantress loves fashion. Which outfit should she try on next?

  • Forest Painting
    Forest Painting
    Played 82 times

    Bring extra life and magic to this forest with a touch of color!

  • Fantasy Gala Make Up
    Fantasy Gala Make Up
    Played 47 times

    Joyce's make-up for the Fantasy Gala better be pure magic!

  • Magic Fairy Factory
    Magic Fairy Factory
    Played 47 times

    What this world really needs is more fairies!!! Don't you agree?

  • Magic Dress Up
    Magic Dress Up
    Played 513 times

    Give this white-magic witch a magical look.

  • Princess Bride: Miracle Max
    Princess Bride: Miracle Max
    Played 247 times

    Going from 'mostly dead' to totally 'not dead' takes a little potion juice magic.

  • YogiPoco
    Played 118 times

    The quest for the Legendary Daisy is filled with magic and mystery.

  • Magic Character Creator
    Magic Character Creator
    Played 311 times

    Drag ingredients to the box, then click on the round blue button and see the character you created!

  • My Crazy Circus
    My Crazy Circus
    Played 36 times

    Amaze your audiences with magic shows, wild acrobatics, and death-defying stunts!

  • Magic School
    Magic School
    Played 200 times

    You’ve just been accepted into magic school. Collect the items that you’ll need for your first day of classes. Choose an enchanted kitty, a cauldron, an outfit and much more in this dress up game.

  • Miracles
    Played 197 times

    Use your magic for good to prove that the elder mages were wrong about your family!

  • Joy and the Magical Guardrobe
    Joy and the Magical Guardrobe
    Played 39 times

    Dress Joy in a variety of outfits chosen from the exciting magic wardrobe!

  • Esmie Dress Up
    Esmie Dress Up
    Played 78 times

    Esmie has a magic remote that will change her life!

  • Magic Heaven 2
    Magic Heaven 2
    Played 42 times

    Use your magic against the evil magical creatures!

  • Angel Witch Dress Up
    Angel Witch Dress Up
    Played 408 times

    A witch? In heaven? But of course: even the pearly gates can use a little magic sometimes!

  • Hocus Froggus
    Hocus Froggus
    Played 51 times

    Learn how to perform some awesome spells along with this wise witch.

    • Magic Lady Butterfly
      Magic Lady Butterfly
      Played 19 times

      Her wings are shimmering, but her beauty is dazzling.

    • Magic Forest
      Magic Forest
      Played 57 times

      Join the animals for a wooded game of hide and seek!

    • Magic Heaven
      Magic Heaven
      Played 61 times

      Destroy the guardians by freezing and kicking and go to the next level.

    • Glitter Fairy Dress Up
      Glitter Fairy Dress Up
      Played 270 times

      Is the magic in the glitter, or the accessories?

    • Fairy Fruity Cakes
      Fairy Fruity Cakes
      Played 42 times

      With the flick of a wand you can bake up some woodland cakes that are pure magic!