Love Games

  • Love Tester 2.0
    Love Tester 2.0
    Played 99481 times

    Are you and your crush perfect for one another? Discover the answer with this mystical machine...

  • Oriental Flirting Game
    Oriental Flirting Game
    Played 25014 times

    Click on every boy on your way to make him fall in love with you faster than with your competitor!

  • Love Tester
    Love Tester
    Played 51729 times

    Are you in love? Enter your names and check if you match with each other!

  • Ellie Love Trouble
    Ellie Love Trouble
    Played 53614 times

    These two teenagers have a crush on one another but their friend is really jealous. Can you help them fall in love without her finding out about it in this kissing game?

  • Love Tester Deluxe
    Love Tester Deluxe
    Played 35222 times

    Are you and your crush a match? Test your names, zodiac signs, and birthdays to see!

  • Flirting on School
    Flirting on School
    Played 14517 times

    This girl loves to flirt and chase boys. How many of their hearts can she win at school today? Join her while she gives her skills of seduction a workout in this game for girls. She’ll need your help while she avoids her teachers and competes against her equally flirtatious classmates.

  • Manga Creator School Days Page 16
    Manga Creator School Days Page 16
    Played 37327 times

    Create the most romantic scene in Manga ever in this fun 2D graphic game! Let true love grow as you put your words in their mouths.

  • Love Tester 3
    Love Tester 3
    Played 56179 times

    Is it true love or is it bound to fizzle out? Maybe you’ll learn the answer with the love tester that you’ll find in this online game. Enter your name and the name of your crush and see what happens next!

  • Miraculous Hero Kiss
    Miraculous Hero Kiss
    Played 31428 times

    Ladybug and Cat Noir are superheros and they’re ready for some super smooching! Can you help them have a romantic moment together without Chloé and her friend getting jealous in this kissing game?

  • Devilish Valentine
    Devilish Valentine
    Played 9833 times

    Love is sweet, sweet poison...

  • True Love Calculator
    True Love Calculator
    Played 30700 times

    Could it be true love or just truly terrible? This cool calculator will help you decide in this online game.

  • Royal Couples In Paris
    Royal Couples In Paris
    Played 107549 times

    These two princes have surprised their girlfriends with a romantic weekend getaway in one of Europe’s coolest cities. Can you help them quickly choose some great outfits and pack their suitcases so they can hit the streets of Paris in style? With you helping them out, they’re sure to have an awesome time in this dress up game for girls.

  • Valentine Night of Kisses
    Valentine Night of Kisses
    Played 15592 times

    Can you sneak a kiss without being spotted on Valentine's Day? Earn some loving points while love is in the air but hurry, if you get caught the night might end in tears!

  • Love Battle
    Love Battle
    Played 8377 times

    Our pretty, pretty princess has to make a difficult decision: both Jack and Joe are trying to turn her head! Help them get ready for her big decision with some stylish dude duds, then see who she picks!

  • Escape the Camp
    Escape the Camp
    Played 4694 times

    When love beckons, it's time to leave camp behind!

  • Adam and Eve 3
    Adam and Eve 3
    Played 2539 times

    The adventures of this kooky caveman and his girlfriend continue. Where will they go next?

  • Climbing for Love
    Climbing for Love
    Played 2628 times

    Time is short, but your love is strong--climb your way up to prove it!

  • High School Crush
    High School Crush
    Played 6087 times
  • Doggy Daycare
    Doggy Daycare
    Played 2697 times

    This poor little puppy has had it rough, so you'd better give him all your love!

  • Hayley's Crush
    Hayley's Crush
    Played 1310 times

    Haley is so in love and she cannot stop thinking about her cute crush! Choose the perfect outfit, hairstyle and shoes fit for some daydreaming on Valentine's Day!

  • Lovely Mermaid
    Lovely Mermaid
    Played 2375 times

    Dive into the details of this underwater love story!

  • Designer Trends 3D
    Designer Trends 3D
    Played 4678 times

    Take your love of dress-up to the next dimension! Design outfits for 3D girls who walk, dance, and chill out!

  • Autumn Frolic
    Autumn Frolic
    Played 879 times

    This adorable cat-and-dog tag team love to work together to gather nuts for a yummy afternoon snack!

  • Princess Couples Compatibility
    Princess Couples Compatibility
    Played 1896 times

    Are these royal couples truly meant for each other? Will their love last forever? Help them choose some fashionable outfits while they take a look at their compatibility in this very romantic game.

  • Lovers Date Night
    Lovers Date Night
    Played 21336 times

    This couple wants to have the best date night ever. Can you help them create the perfect evening? Choose some gorgeous decor for their dining room and some great outfits too in this online game for girls.

  • Rapunzel & Belle: Love Rivals
    Rapunzel & Belle: Love Rivals
    Played 4923 times

    Rapunzel and Belle are good friends, but they both fell in love with the same guy! Who will you help to be with him? Play matchmaker and find out!

  • Lovers Love Notes
    Lovers Love Notes
    Played 19300 times

    This girl has a major crush on a boy named Adrian. Can you help her win his heart? She’ll need some advice on how to write the perfect love note and put together a super cute outfit.

  • Princess Lovely Date
    Princess Lovely Date
    Played 1599 times

    Prince Eric wants to take Ariel out on a date but she has no idea what to wear. Help her go through her closet and find the perfect outfit in this magical dress up game.

  • Teddy Textile
    Teddy Textile
    Played 628 times

    Stitch together a virtual stuffed friend from scratch with love!

  • Halloween Love Potion
    Halloween Love Potion
    Played 692 times

    Watch this witch brew her Halloween hex...if you dare!

  • Create Your Wedding Cake
    Create Your Wedding Cake
    Played 5249 times

    Whether you're a bride-to-be or just a cake aficionado, you'll love experimenting with these pretty designs!

  • Loved Up
    Loved Up
    Played 632 times

    Your girlfriend is lost at the rainbow's end; prove your love to find her.

  • Love Goddess Make Up
    Love Goddess Make Up
    Played 719 times

    This love goddess can get any guy!

  • Love Story Dress Up
    Love Story Dress Up
    Played 1016 times

    Dress this romantic couple in the most beautiful clothing.

  • Rosy Creativity: Fruit Basket
    Rosy Creativity: Fruit Basket
    Played 1155 times

    Design a beautiful basket of natural goodies for every person you love!

  • Wacky Stages of Love
    Wacky Stages of Love
    Played 10031 times

    This princess is trying to enjoy a few romantic moments with her boyfriend. Can you help them cuddle and hold hands together without their friends finding out in this game for girls?

    • Marry Me Dress Up
      Marry Me Dress Up
      Played 1476 times

      The love of your life's already popped the question, so the only thing left to do is pick out a wedding dress!

    • Undeniable Love
      Undeniable Love
      Played 1549 times

      Diana and Mark escaped from their families to be together! Collect all the hidden objects and find out if undeniable love will win?

    • Love Chef
      Love Chef
      Played 1258 times

      Decorate and bake this dinner date into an unforgettable occasion!

    • Wifi in love
      Wifi in love
      Played 1128 times

      This girl just got a new smartphone and she really wants to make it look super cute. Could you help her pick out the right case and some stickers for it? Once that's done, she needs to exchange some texts with her boyfriend, Bryan. With your advice, she'll be able to organize a wonderful anniversary dinner with him in this online, and totally free, romance game.

    • Raining Love Dress Up
      Raining Love Dress Up
      Played 746 times

      Dream up a dazzling look for a romantic rendezvous in the rain!

    • Pet Home Designer: Cozy Pony Land
      Pet Home Designer: Cozy Pony Land
      Played 563 times

      Do you know what kind of home ponies love? Find out by designing one and seeing if the pony likes it!

    • Skating Lovers Dress Up
      Skating Lovers Dress Up
      Played 545 times

      You might be skating on thin ice, but your relationship isn't—so enjoy a winter wonder with your true love!

    • Little Fairy Kiss
      Little Fairy Kiss
      Played 1515 times

      These two magical fairies are trying to enjoy a romantic moment together. Can you help them do some smooching without their friends finding out in this kissing game?

    • Duck Pond Puzzle
      Duck Pond Puzzle
      Played 553 times

      With your animal love, the duck pond will truly be the perfect place for all your virtual pets!

    • Greeting Card Lover
      Greeting Card Lover
      Played 721 times

      This young couple adores greeting cards. Design some cute outfits for them in this romantic game for girls. Then you can discover what would be a great message for them to receive in a card.

    • The Love Pup Park Adventure
      The Love Pup Park Adventure
      Played 118 times

      Get this pup to the park!

    • Sandwich Creations
      Sandwich Creations
      Played 154 times

      Do you love to serve in a restaurant? Accept the challenge and keep your customers happy!