Garden Games

  • Pet Pals Decoration
    Pet Pals Decoration
    Played 1822 times

    Fill these outdoor scenes with animated animals!

  • Zoo Disorder Game
    Zoo Disorder Game
    Played 1486 times

    The animals are out! Put them in their places before anyone gets hurt.

  • Mythology Decoration
    Mythology Decoration
    Played 1111 times

    Create a mythological landscape suited to Hera.

  • Kitten Village
    Kitten Village
    Played 3915 times

    Miaow! Can you help a little kitty cat find the purrfect home?

  • Hansel and Gretel Village
    Hansel and Gretel Village
    Played 2671 times

    Build a mini gingerbread village for Hansel and Gretel.

  • Arabian Desert Decoration
    Arabian Desert Decoration
    Played 1020 times

    Decorate this desert using the items from The Arabian Nights stories.

  • Neverland Decoration
    Neverland Decoration
    Played 1582 times

    Add your own magic to this Neverland scene!

  • Picnic Garden Décor
    Picnic Garden Décor
    Played 2844 times

    Prepare a picnic for these children and their furry friends!

  • Prince and Princess Decoration
    Prince and Princess Decoration
    Played 3834 times

    Create a fairytale scene for this royal couple.

  • Fairy Garden Decoration
    Fairy Garden Decoration
    Played 2103 times

    It’s moving day in the magical world of fairies.

  • Baby Juliet: Washing Clothes
    Baby Juliet: Washing Clothes
    Played 837 times

    Juliet got her new outfit dirty while working in the garden. Help her wash it so it doesn’t get stained.

  • Sue's Garden
    Sue's Garden
    Played 4320 times

    How pretty of a garden can you grow for Sue?

  • Luna Amusement Park
    Luna Amusement Park
    Played 1083 times

    Build this amusement park any way you like!

  • Eliza's Garden Centre
    Eliza's Garden Centre
    Played 988 times

    It’s really busy at Eliza’s store this afternoon. Could you lend her a hand?

  • (del Winter) Christmas Village Decoratio
    (del Winter) Christmas Village Decoratio
    Played 57 times

    Create a cozy Christmas village in this snowy landscape.

  • Backyard Garden Decoration
    Backyard Garden Decoration
    Played 131 times

    The grass really is greener on the other side of this perfect picket fence.

  • Townhouse Makeover
    Townhouse Makeover
    Played 184 times

    In this cute decoration game, you don't just decorate the decorate the whole yard!

  • Wizard of Oz Décor
    Wizard of Oz Décor
    Played 523 times

    Decorate The Wizard of Oz world using the given items.

  • Cafe Garden Decoration
    Cafe Garden Decoration
    Played 140 times

    It's a sunny day, so get this outdoor café ready for customers!

  • Mermaid World
    Mermaid World
    Played 689 times

    Add life to this underwater world!

  • Fairytale Landscape Decoration
    Fairytale Landscape Decoration
    Played 68 times

    Create a fantasy scene for your fairy and her fuzzy friends.

  • Flower Basket Design
    Flower Basket Design
    Played 72 times

    Design your own lovely basket of flowers!

  • Rosy Creativity: Fruit Basket
    Rosy Creativity: Fruit Basket
    Played 688 times

    Design a beautiful basket of natural goodies for every person you love!

  • Baby Hazel: Tomato Farming
    Baby Hazel: Tomato Farming
    Played 526 times

    Join Hazel in the garden while she learns how to grow some delicious tomatoes.

  • Magic Garden Make Up
    Magic Garden Make Up
    Played 47 times

    Give this girl a make-up that matches her magical charm.

  • Hansel and Gretel Decoration
    Hansel and Gretel Decoration
    Played 50 times

    Help Hansel and Gretel decorate the gingerbread house with sweets and candy!

  • North Pole Decoration
    North Pole Decoration
    Played 26 times

    Help Santa sort this mess; it's the North Pole's big day!

  • Christmas Tree Decoration
    Christmas Tree Decoration
    Played 38 times

    Cover this tree with festive Christmas decorations!

  • Emily and the Elven Garden
    Emily and the Elven Garden
    Played 100 times

    This garden of elven delights hides a dark secret...

  • Fairy Garden
    Fairy Garden
    Played 67 times

    Help the fairy tame her wild, fast-growing garden with your careful aim and a little flower power!

  • Growing For Life
    Growing For Life
    Played 366 times

    Look after your garden and water your plants to keep them alive.

  • Flower Garden Décor
    Flower Garden Décor
    Played 394 times

    Lisette has an idea for her new garden; will you help her realize it?

  • The Gardener
    The Gardener
    Played 475 times

    This garden is about more than just tending plants--it's about turning a profit!

  • Gardener Girl Dress up
    Gardener Girl Dress up
    Played 21 times

    With a garden this gorgeous, you’ve got to do a little something extra to keep all eyes on you.

  • Lolly's Garden
    Lolly's Garden
    Played 55 times

    Golly, Lolly... How does your lollipop garden grow???

  • Picnic Decoration
    Picnic Decoration
    Played 99 times

    Help little Jenna get this teddy bear-themed picnic in order.