Design Games

  • Home Design
    Home Design
    Played 45088 times

    This vacation home could really use your interior decorating skills. Could you have a look?

  • My Room Scene 2
    My Room Scene 2
    Played 5068 times

    Design your own living room and pick your own furniture.

  • Tree House Building
    Tree House Building
    Played 1717 times

    Design your own tree house!

  • Dog Room Decoration
    Dog Room Decoration
    Played 2494 times

    Design a nice dog cafe!

  • Expert Young Designer
    Expert Young Designer
    Played 8885 times

    Do you think that you can design a custom dress for this young fashionista? She’ll need you to take her measurements before you pick out a stylish fabric and get to work in this fashion game.

  • Valentine Interior Design
    Valentine Interior Design
    Played 4740 times

    If you'll help Cherry finish her new room, she can make her Valentine's date!

  • Bedroom Makeover
    Bedroom Makeover
    Played 5639 times

    Choose furniture and design your bedroom any way you like it!

  • Design Your Own Room
    Design Your Own Room
    Played 7337 times

    Decorate your bedroom any way you like.

  • Fashion Studio: Hip Hop Outfit
    Fashion Studio: Hip Hop Outfit
    Played 809 times

    Design a fresh and totally fab outfit for this teen.

  • Princess Room Makeover
    Princess Room Makeover
    Played 3948 times

    Design a room fit for a princess.

  • Doll House Builder
    Doll House Builder
    Played 1635 times

    Get a grip on doll house design and everything will fall into place!

  • Mr. Magorium's Toy Creator
    Mr. Magorium's Toy Creator
    Played 852 times

    Design your own unique toy in this game based on the new movie!

  • My Pony Park
    My Pony Park
    Played 3036 times

    Design a park paradise for prancing ponies!

  • Alice Doll Decoration
    Alice Doll Decoration
    Played 2477 times

    Demonstrate your interior design skills and decorate Alice's room!

  • Origami Oracle
    Origami Oracle
    Played 1598 times

    Design your fortune-telling contraption, take it with you to the playground, and become the local oracle!

  • Ellie: Prom Dress Design
    Ellie: Prom Dress Design
    Played 2779 times

    Ellie is trying to design the perfect prom dress. Let’s see if we can help her out...

  • Eliza Tailor Shop
    Eliza Tailor Shop
    Played 4652 times

    Eliza has decided to open her very own tailor shop. Help her create some custom-made dresses and other outfits for her customers in this game for girls.

  • Sky High Sundaes
    Sky High Sundaes
    Played 4081 times

    Design your own ice cream creation!

  • Pet Home Designer: Hamster Paradise
    Pet Home Designer: Hamster Paradise
    Played 572 times

    Can you guess what makes hamsters happy? Design a home for one, then put him in it, and see what happens!

  • Kingdom Creator
    Kingdom Creator
    Played 991 times

    Design a gorgeous kingdom that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale.

  • Girl Fashion
    Girl Fashion
    Played 1335 times

    Design your own clothes and see how it fits on the girl, pony and puppy.

  • Cover Model Dress Up: April
    Cover Model Dress Up: April
    Played 561 times

    April showers bring May flowers...and the coolest fashion mag cover design ever, made by you!

  • My Little Bakery
    My Little Bakery
    Played 818 times

    The yummiest desserts are the ones you design yourself…

  • Ellie: Fashion Paint
    Ellie: Fashion Paint
    Played 1563 times

    Ellie’s putting together an outfit with lots of awesome colors and accessories. Wanna help out?

  • Sleeping Princess Villain Cosplay
    Sleeping Princess Villain Cosplay
    Played 2478 times

    This princess is usually nice but today she’s feeling a little bit naughty. She would love to dress up just like a famous storybook villain in this online game. Can you help her create a truly wicked gown?

  • My New Christmas Town
    My New Christmas Town
    Played 1669 times

    If you're dreaming of a white Christmas wonderland, now's your chance to design one!

  • Fantasy Filly
    Fantasy Filly
    Played 2122 times

    Design your very own personal perfect pony! (Psst! Unicorn and pegasus lovers: horns and wings are included!)

  • Design Disaster
    Design Disaster
    Played 1018 times

    This famous actress is about to receive a major award, but she’s having a fashion emergency! Can you help?

  • Ellie: Colorful Designs
    Ellie: Colorful Designs
    Played 1044 times

    Ellie’s searching for a new outfit that’s totally cool and colorful. Which one should she pick?

  • Wedding Cake Decoration
    Wedding Cake Decoration
    Played 1122 times

    This wedding cake is ready. Wait, no it isn’t! Get some frosting and decorations on it and fast!

  • Flower Design Shop
    Flower Design Shop
    Played 561 times

    Your designs can turn this budding business into a flowering success!

  • Eastern Nail Art
    Eastern Nail Art
    Played 592 times

    Design elaborate Eastern-style nails!

  • Design Your Winter Boots
    Design Your Winter Boots
    Played 794 times

    Learn how to create some perfect winter braids with this cool game.

  • Makeover Designer
    Makeover Designer
    Played 1428 times

    Choose a new face, design new clothes, and dress your girl, boy, or cat model in this fun makeover game!

  • Rosy Creativity: Fruit Basket
    Rosy Creativity: Fruit Basket
    Played 913 times

    Design a beautiful basket of natural goodies for every person you love!

  • Ellie: Design Your Winter Coat
    Ellie: Design Your Winter Coat
    Played 1482 times

    Create a winter coat for Ellie that’s really comfy and super stylish too!

    • Beauty Nail Design
      Beauty Nail Design
      Played 530 times

      An inspiring look at how to get your nails done and your hair did.

    • Mandala Stars Coloring
      Mandala Stars Coloring
      Played 992 times

      Do you know what a mandala is? It's a special design, like a kaleidoscope, that represents you!

    • Victoria's New Year's Tailor Boutique
      Victoria's New Year's Tailor Boutique
      Played 1002 times

      Victoria is one of the coolest tailors in town and she’s really busy today. Help her clean up her workshop before her first customer arrives. She’s creating outfits for them that are totally perfect for their New Year’s Eve plans.

    • Romantic Dinner Dress Up
      Romantic Dinner Dress Up
      Played 282 times

      Divine a design that's sure to dazzle!

    • Doll Clothing Dress Up
      Doll Clothing Dress Up
      Played 109 times

      Design a perfect look for this sweet girl, trying on different types of hairstyles and clothes.

    • Flower Basket Design
      Flower Basket Design
      Played 69 times

      Design your own lovely basket of flowers!

    • Cover Model Dress Up: May
      Cover Model Dress Up: May
      Played 321 times

      Dress up this month's top model and design the most glamorous glossy-magazine cover in the racks!

    • Crib Styling
      Crib Styling
      Played 118 times

      Take interior design to an all-new level by giving this baby a stylish look in a stylish crib!

    • Design Your Prom Dress
      Design Your Prom Dress
      Played 452 times

      Can you create the perfect prom dress for this girl?

    • Lollipop Designer
      Lollipop Designer
      Played 71 times

      Who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can design your own arrangement of lollipops?

    • I Dress Up
      I Dress Up
      Played 192 times

      Design a perfect look for this sweet girl, try on different types of hairstyles and clothes!

    • Ayse & Ali Storybook
      Ayse & Ali Storybook
      Played 114 times

      Write and design your very own musical storybook!