Decoration Games

  • Pusheen's B-day party
    Pusheen's B-day party
    Played 38772 times

    This lucky cat is having a birthday party and invites you over to celebrate with friends in this family fun browser game, Pusheen’s B-Day Party!

  • My New Town
    My New Town
    Played 20154 times

    Country, city, ocean, or space—where will your town building take place??

  • DIY: Galaxy Shoes
    DIY: Galaxy Shoes
    Played 12941 times

    Embrace your creative flair and design your favorite shoes! Choose from a variety of fun colors and designs now.

  • Apartment Makeover
    Apartment Makeover
    Played 5640 times

    Miriam is so excited about her new city apartment, but she needs your help decorating!

  • Bedroom Decoration
    Bedroom Decoration
    Played 59919 times

    What would your dream bedroom look like? Try out all the possibilities with this cool decorating game!

  • Princesses Truth or Dare
    Princesses Truth or Dare
    Played 61871 times

    These gals love to have a fun time together in this totally cool online game made for girls, Princesses Truth or Dare. Have an awesome time with these Disney princesses playing a variety of mini-games.

  • Jessica's Diary: Accidentally in Love
    Jessica's Diary: Accidentally in Love
    Played 8455 times

    Jessica had a very exciting day. She was rescued from a group of bullies by a cute boy on a motorcycle. Join her as she writes about it in her diary in this free online game.

  • My First Diary
    My First Diary
    Played 17992 times

    This girl is creating a super cool diary in this free design game. Let’s help her decorate it with lots of awesome colors and cute stickers so that she can keep track of all of her precious memories.

  • Tattoo Party
    Tattoo Party
    Played 4722 times
  • Cute Room Decoration
    Cute Room Decoration
    Played 15925 times
  • Decorate Your School Board
    Decorate Your School Board
    Played 5704 times

    Design a super cute whiteboard that will look totally awesome on the first day of school.

  • Cute Room Decoration
    Cute Room Decoration
    Played 5878 times

    This rooms looks bare! Time to make it super-cute with your awesome decorating skills.

  • Betsy's Crafts: Summer Sand Painting
    Betsy's Crafts: Summer Sand Painting
    Played 22271 times

    You can make beautiful, colorful paintings come to life in Betsy’s Crafts...all it takes is a little sand!

  • Princess Cutesy Room Decoration
    Princess Cutesy Room Decoration
    Played 8364 times

    Design a bedroom that’s super comfy—and cute!

  • My Room Scene
    My Room Scene
    Played 3507 times

    How many different rooms can you make will all of these decorating options??

  • Pou Happy Birthday
    Pou Happy Birthday
    Played 3016 times
  • Paint My Shoes
    Paint My Shoes
    Played 3763 times

    Get ready to design some totally rad footwear.

  • Banana Split Pie: Sara's Cooking Class
    Banana Split Pie: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 11123 times

    Sara wants to cook something sweet today. Join her in the kitchen while she bakes this wonderful dessert.

  • My Party Car
    My Party Car
    Played 3354 times

    You and your friend want to go to a party but you can't because your car is a total mess. Help your friend Eileen fix up your car and then decorate it in this totally fun online game, My Party Car.

  • Choir Singing and Decorating
    Choir Singing and Decorating
    Played 2421 times

    Arrange the choir singers properly and decorate the hall just as you like.

  • Tearoom Decoration
    Tearoom Decoration
    Played 3551 times

    Cynthia is decorating for high tea with her friends. Where should she put everything?

  • Decorate Your Valentine's Card
    Decorate Your Valentine's Card
    Played 5762 times

    Design a totally cool card for Valentine’s Day with this fun game.

  • DIY Jewelry Creator
    DIY Jewelry Creator
    Played 2003 times

    Would you like to design a cool bracelet or a very pretty necklace? You totally can in this free online game. Select some awesome charms and other accessories that will look fantastic.

  • Betsy's Crafts: Perler Beads Christmas
    Betsy's Crafts: Perler Beads Christmas
    Played 7686 times

    Join Betsy in her workshop while she makes some festive holiday crafts.

  • Ice Cream Decoration
    Ice Cream Decoration
    Played 5495 times
  • DIY Baby Octopus Toy
    DIY Baby Octopus Toy
    Played 842 times

    This young girl wants to make a very cool octopus doll. Could you help her out in this free decoration game? You can start by finding the right fabric.

  • Birthday Party Decoration 3
    Birthday Party Decoration 3
    Played 2268 times

    Jennifer must finish decorating the room before her guests come; can you help her?

  • Wedding Destination: Italy
    Wedding Destination: Italy
    Played 2145 times

    This happy couple just got married in a magical and beautiful city within Italy. Customize and dress them both up in this fantastic 2D game for girls.

  • Mother's Day Card
    Mother's Day Card
    Played 1798 times

    How better to show your mom you love her than with a specially designed Mother's Day Card? There are tons of gorgeous patterns and designs to choose from, so let your creativity run wild!

  • Room Challenge 2
    Room Challenge 2
    Played 1422 times

    Earn money and spend it on decorating your room!

  • Make Up Table
    Make Up Table
    Played 2368 times

    Sometimes makeup tables could use a makeover themselves. Let’s give this one a new coat of paint, some cool accessories and maybe a new chair too in this design game.

  • Design Your Cherry Blossom Jeans
    Design Your Cherry Blossom Jeans
    Played 1875 times

    Spring is finally here. Celebrate by creating a pair of totally adorable jeans with a cool cherry blossom pattern in this design game. You can choose different styles and add accessories too.

  • Super Tattoo Artist
    Super Tattoo Artist
    Played 1122 times
  • Glossy Cupcakes
    Glossy Cupcakes
    Played 1589 times

    Be the cupcake baker you’ve always wanted to be in this brand new cupcake creation game, Glossy Cupcakes! Make delicious cupcakes right on your browser!

  • Valentine's Party
    Valentine's Party
    Played 1667 times
  • Unique Face Painting
    Unique Face Painting
    Played 1043 times

    This girl is searching for a whole new look. Could you help her choose some fantastic makeup and a cool outfit in this dress up game?

    • Cake Master
      Cake Master
      Played 1428 times

      Do you love baking? Would you like to learn how to decorate the perfect birthday cake? If you answered “yes” to these questions then this is the free cooking game for you!

    • Valentine's Store Decoration
      Valentine's Store Decoration
      Played 2150 times

      Design your own super cute boutique that’s perfect for this special day of love.

    • Ellie iPhone Emoji Decoration
      Ellie iPhone Emoji Decoration
      Played 1432 times

      Ellie got an iPhone as gift! She wants to decorate it with the hottest colors and add the perfect emoji for a personalised style! Can we call on you to help her?

    • Wedding Cake Decoration
      Wedding Cake Decoration
      Played 1316 times

      This wedding cake is ready. Wait, no it isn’t! Get some frosting and decorations on it and fast!

    • The Perfect Wedding Cake
      The Perfect Wedding Cake
      Played 1365 times

      The perfect bride needs the perfect wedding cake, so help her bake it in this exciting cooking game!

    • C.A. Cupid: Valentine's Nails
      C.A. Cupid: Valentine's Nails
      Played 1126 times

      This magical fashionista is getting ready for the most romantic day of the year. Let’s help her find the perfect outfit and do her nails in this makeover game.

    • Cookie Mania
      Cookie Mania
      Played 1011 times

      Make every Christmas cookie as different and unique as a snowflake in this fun decorating game!

    • Bike Summer Outfit
      Bike Summer Outfit
      Played 909 times

      Rapunzel wants to ride her bike for the first time in months but it could use some sprucing up. Could you help her decorate it and choose a great cycling outfit in this free online game?

    • Ellie: Gingerbread House Decoration
      Ellie: Gingerbread House Decoration
      Played 2452 times

      Join Ellie in her kitchen while she puts lots of cute stuff on this gingerbread house.

    • Princess Sofia at the Beach
      Princess Sofia at the Beach
      Played 528 times

      Princess Sofia is heading to the beach. Can you help make her day totally perfect in this free online game? You can design a super cool seaside hangout for her and her friends.

    • Little Dessert Cakes
      Little Dessert Cakes
      Played 1236 times

      With a little practice, decorating yummy pastries is a piece of cake!

    • Birthday Party Decoration
      Birthday Party Decoration
      Played 1314 times

      Jim's and Jan's parents have rented a ballroom for their birthday party, but they need your help decorating!