Chinese Games

  • Chinese Princess Dress Up
    Chinese Princess Dress Up
    Played 1190 times

    This teen wants to try out some cool outfits from Asia. Which one should she wear first?

  • Chinese Dinner Table Decoration
    Chinese Dinner Table Decoration
    Played 862 times

    Set the scene for a Chinese-food chow down!

  • Chinese Cutie Dress Up
    Chinese Cutie Dress Up
    Played 339 times

    In the Far East, it's all about the right clothes in the most luxurious fabrics!

  • Chinese Palace Doll House
    Chinese Palace Doll House
    Played 10438 times

    Decorate and rearrange your furniture until your Chinese palace is fit for an emperor!

  • New Year's Night
    New Year's Night
    Played 667 times

    Chinese New Year is all about happiness and lanterns and fireworks and…fire-breathing dragons.

  • Chinese Bubbles
    Chinese Bubbles
    Played 395 times

    Don't get crushed by this quickly-stacking pile of bubbles!

  • Asian Dress Up
    Asian Dress Up
    Played 3122 times

    Which wedding dress do you like best: Chinese, Japanese, Indian or Korean? Find out!