Car Games

  • Fashionista Manhattan Rush
    Fashionista Manhattan Rush
    Played 11655 times

    It’s all about the latest fashion to you in this hot new dress up arcade game, Fashionista Manhatten Rush! Collect all the required items to continue your journey and having fun!

  • Elsa's Fancy Car
    Elsa's Fancy Car
    Played 21099 times

    Who knew that princess Elsa had an eye for a good drive! Help her clean up her fancy ride in this fun browser game for girls.

  • Wheely 3
    Wheely 3
    Played 5856 times

    Puzzle your way through these automobile adventures to win the heart of the lady car of your dreams!

  • Doodle Car
    Doodle Car
    Played 7280 times

    Rotate and drag the image until you can clearly see the automobile and admire these classic cars in 3D!

  • 2 Ways
    2 Ways
    Played 2692 times

    Driving one car down this wild highway is definitely crazy but two cars? That’s even more crazy!

  • Crossroads
    Played 4275 times

    This intersection is very dangerous. Can you help direct traffic so that nobody gets hurt?

  • Boost Up Your Car With Harry
    Boost Up Your Car With Harry
    Played 1174 times

    Each of these cars could really use an automotive makeover. Join Harry while he gets to work on them...

  • Super Car Wash
    Super Car Wash
    Played 1478 times

    Which one of these super cute pink cars would you like to wash today?

  • Violet Parking
    Violet Parking
    Played 1370 times

    Would you trust a caveman with your car?

  • Smallest Car Dress Up
    Smallest Car Dress Up
    Played 267 times

    Funkify these cute little cars!

  • Decorate my Ice Cream Van
    Decorate my Ice Cream Van
    Played 806 times

    Boost your ice cream sales by choosing the coolest car parts for your van!

  • Decorate My City Car
    Decorate My City Car
    Played 277 times

    Customize this Smart just the way you like.

  • Girl Rush
    Girl Rush
    Played 1791 times

    Collect all the lipsticks and make-up as you race through the hills in your car!

  • Porsche Dress Up
    Porsche Dress Up
    Played 27 times

    Create the dream dude to go with this dream car.