Bug Games

  • Bug Out
    Bug Out
    Played 204 times

    This bugged-out puzzle game really gets under your skin. Let's hope it doesn't lay any eggs.

  • The Bug Game
    The Bug Game
    Played 54 times

    Zoom up and down and all around in this cool flying game that will leave you buzzing for more!

  • Insectris
    Played 66 times

    Unless you've been vaccinated against addictive falling-block games, you're sure to catch the Insectris bug!

  • Bug Off
    Bug Off
    Played 143 times

    Butterflies are the sheepdogs of the insect world…

  • Dancing Bug
    Dancing Bug
    Played 396 times

    Click on the buttons, choose dance moves and watch the bug dancing!

  • Doodle Bug Coloring
    Doodle Bug Coloring
    Played 956 times

    Doodle on this bug with some color!