Top 100 Games

  • Life: The Game
    Life: The Game
    Played 226112 times

    Life can definitely be a challenge, especially in this crazy online game! Your first task? Get born. After that? Learn how to talk. Can you keep up with all of these totally wild and hilarious life goals?

  • Skribbl.Io
    Played 128444 times

    You can compete against players from all across the globe in this fun and exciting io game. Put your creative skills to the test while you try to figure out the other players’ drawings. Will they be able to identify yours too?

  • Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple
    Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple
    Played 41559 times

    Fire and water prove opposites attract when they team up to explore the ancient Forest Temple...

  • Five Nights at Freddy's
    Five Nights at Freddy's
    Played 13662 times
  • Dial for Love
    Dial for Love
    Played 55014 times

    Dial up your dream date—he's just a phone call away!

  • Slime Maker
    Slime Maker
    Played 342436 times

    It’s slime time! Grab all of the virtual ingredients you’ll need along with a bowl to put them in. Can you create some slime that looks super gross and super cool too?

  • Fab Tattoo Artist 2
    Fab Tattoo Artist 2
    Played 109455 times

    Tattoos are so totally in, so why not practicing to become a tattoo artist! Work your way up with a variety of clients with the craziest tattoos you’ve ever seen. Go through each step of creating a tattoo as if you’re a real tattoo artist!

  • Chibi Maker
    Chibi Maker
    Played 68301 times

    They’re lovable, they’re huggable, and now they’re headed for your computer screen!

  • School Flirting Game
    School Flirting Game
    Played 45812 times

    Walk through your school, flirt with all the boys and score points.

  • Princess Maker
    Princess Maker
    Played 440042 times
  • Bad Teeth Makeover
    Bad Teeth Makeover
    Played 105213 times
  • Hair Expert
    Hair Expert
    Played 71273 times

    So much hair, so little time. The salon is where all the action is!

  • Horse Jumping 3D
    Horse Jumping 3D
    Played 26970 times

    Prance and leap your way to elegant equestrian excellence—now in 3D!

  • Charger Escape
    Charger Escape
    Played 81441 times

    If you look hard enough, you can find magic anywhere.

  • My New Room 3
    My New Room 3
    Played 51692 times

    This room is your very own blank slate. Go for it, girl!

  • From Geeky to Popular
    From Geeky to Popular
    Played 223624 times

    Help this geeky girl pick out the boy that’s just right for her.

  • Animal Shelter
    Animal Shelter
    Played 58410 times

    Find new homes for all the cuddly critters in your care!

  • My New Room
    My New Room
    Played 44204 times

    Let your inner decorator loose to create your own virtual spot to hang!

  • My New Room 2
    My New Room 2
    Played 53577 times

    My New Room 2 adds more cool options like music styles, pets, and backgrounds to create your perfect room!

  • Pink Apartment Makeover
    Pink Apartment Makeover
    Played 28991 times

    Rose loves her pink apartment, but she's getting bored with the layout. Will you help her rearrange the furniture?

  • Uphill Rush 6
    Uphill Rush 6
    Played 36426 times

    Go all-out crazy in this hi-speed sequel to the world-famous racing game!

    Played 148301 times

    A new version of the super popular game is available now! This time with very colorful slithers! Grow as big as you can and block the way of other slithers to kill them.

  •  Dating My Crush: Makeover
    Dating My Crush: Makeover
    Played 96846 times

    This girl has a date with the guy she’s been chasing all year. Help her look fab!

    Played 22571 times

    Can you out-spin your opponents in this electrifying io game? Take control of a spinner and collect power-ups while you compete against players from all over the globe.

  • Back To School: Princesses Rush
    Back To School: Princesses Rush
    Played 244234 times
  • Love Tester 2.0
    Love Tester 2.0
    Played 89096 times

    Are you and your crush perfect for one another? Discover the answer with this mystical machine...

  • Geeky to Emo Makeover
    Geeky to Emo Makeover
    Played 46420 times

    It’s only a short step from awkward geek to elegant emo!

    Played 88884 times

    This epic io game is a total feeding frenzy! Take control of a glow worm and see if you can outlive, outlast and out-eat all of your opponents.

  • Betsy's Crafts: Sand Painting
    Betsy's Crafts: Sand Painting
    Played 34898 times

    Slip into your beachwear, slap on some sunscreen, and get creative in Betsy’s studio!

  • Nerdy Girl Makeover
    Nerdy Girl Makeover
    Played 64246 times

    No more school, no more books, this girl needs a hot new look!

  • Papa's Bakeria
    Papa's Bakeria
    Played 184489 times

    You just scored a sweet new job at Whiskview Mall! Papa Loue entrusted you with his brand new Bakeria! Bake away, earn big and keep your customers happy in this sweet as pie management game!

  • Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple
    Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple
    Played 58931 times

    This duo bested the trials of three other ancient temples. Now they face the most mysterious one yet!

  • Home Design
    Home Design
    Played 55006 times

    This vacation home could really use your interior decorating skills. Could you have a look?

  • Gingerbread House: Sara's Cooking Class
    Gingerbread House: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 81935 times

    You don’t have to live in a fairy tale to make a delish gingerbread house.

  • Avie: Halloween Style
    Avie: Halloween Style
    Played 34856 times

    Avie’s best friend could use a hand in his lab but what should she wear? It’s all up to you.

  • Back To School: Fashion Trends
    Back To School: Fashion Trends
    Played 37720 times

    It’s back to school time for these three stylish students. Can you help them get ready for their first day of classes? They’ll need to pick some cool outfits, new hairstyles, accessories, and school supplies too in this online dress up and design game for girls. After you’re all done, you can rate their looks as well.