Sue Games

  • Sue's Witch Magic Makeover
    Sue's Witch Magic Makeover
    Played 166952 times

    Can you find the right spell to transform the ugly witch into Sue?

  • Sue's Chocolate Candy Maker
    Sue's Chocolate Candy Maker
    Played 80075 times

    How many perfect candies can you make for Sue?

  • Sue's Beauty Machine
    Sue's Beauty Machine
    Played 72662 times

    Pull the handle, mix body parts, and see the character created.

  • Sue Hairstyle Make Over
    Sue Hairstyle Make Over
    Played 69255 times

    Change Sue's hairstyle, dress her up and watch her singing at her first concert!

  • Bake a Cake with Sue
    Bake a Cake with Sue
    Played 62868 times

    Can you figure out the right ingredients to bake each of these cakes?

  • Sue Beauty Room
    Sue Beauty Room
    Played 50978 times

    Oh no, Sue has overslept! Help her find her things and get ready for school in time!

  • Sue's Make Up Makeover
    Sue's Make Up Makeover
    Played 46787 times

    Give Sue the perfect make up makeover for her date!

  • Sue's Dating Dress Up
    Sue's Dating Dress Up
    Played 45640 times

    Sue is planning a date with a new boy--when should it be and what should she wear?

  • Sue Knitting Game
    Sue Knitting Game
    Played 40485 times

    Can you knit Sue's patterns in time?

  • Sue's Cooking Game
    Sue's Cooking Game
    Played 38702 times

    How many soups can you prepare before time runs out?

  • Sue the Fashion Designer
    Sue the Fashion Designer
    Played 34316 times

    Feel like a real designer when you choose designs, colors, and patterns for Sue's clothes!

  • Sue Music Video Director
    Sue Music Video Director
    Played 33706 times

    Sue has made it into music! Direct the perfect first video.

  • Sue's Potato Farm
    Sue's Potato Farm
    Played 31061 times

    Can you fill these orders for fries from scratch?

  • Sue's Clothing Maker
    Sue's Clothing Maker
    Played 30484 times

    Can you sew these cute clothes together correctly for Sue?

  • Sue Delivery Meals
    Sue Delivery Meals
    Played 29945 times

    Complete the meals with right ingredients and earn points.

  • Sue's Tomato Farm
    Sue's Tomato Farm
    Played 25721 times

    How many ketchup bottles can you fill on Sue's tomato farm?

  • Sue Hair Dresser
    Sue Hair Dresser
    Played 25313 times

    Cut Sue's hair, dye and model it and watch Sue's new look!

  • Sue's Sneaky Snack
    Sue's Sneaky Snack
    Played 23590 times

    Help Sue steal as many snacks as possible without getting caught by the teacher.

  • Sue's Garden
    Sue's Garden
    Played 23482 times

    How pretty of a garden can you grow for Sue?

  • Sue Doll Maker
    Sue Doll Maker
    Played 21823 times

    Help Sue make as many dolls as possible by choosing clothes and putting the parts together.

  • Sue's Fried Wantons
    Sue's Fried Wantons
    Played 20241 times

    Can you keep up with the kitchen turning out wantons for the soups?

  • Sue Candy Dating
    Sue Candy Dating
    Played 19427 times

    Get these girls dates with the boys who like them by matching the candy correctly!

  • Sue Cheerleader
    Sue Cheerleader
    Played 16453 times

    The mean head cheerleader doesn't want Sue to do well. Show her up!

  • Sue's Earring Maker
    Sue's Earring Maker
    Played 9582 times

    Could you be a jewelry designer?

  • Sue's Dating Machine
    Sue's Dating Machine
    Played 8264 times

    Match as many couples as possible by building a pipeline between the pink hearts!

  • Sue Summer Festival
    Sue Summer Festival
    Played 7576 times

    Help Sue pick the perfect outfit for the summer festival!

  • Sue Winter Dress Up
    Sue Winter Dress Up
    Played 6805 times

    Dress up Sue in warm winter clothes!

  • Sue the Candy Eater
    Sue the Candy Eater
    Played 4426 times

    Can you keep up with Sue on her candy quest?

  • Sue's Friend's Dress Up
    Sue's Friend's Dress Up
    Played 3881 times

    Dress up Sue's friend in your favorite outfit!

  • Sue's Jigsaw Puzzle
    Sue's Jigsaw Puzzle
    Played 2191 times

    Solve the jigsaw puzzles before the time is up!

  • Sue's Santa Gifts
    Sue's Santa Gifts
    Played 1344 times

    Can you help the Santas get the Christmas gifts out on time?