Shooting Games

  • Apple Shooter
    Apple Shooter
    Played 18985 times

    Shooting an apple off someone's head is very dangerous. Don’t try it at home. Try it in this game instead!

  • Zombies vs Penguins 3
    Zombies vs Penguins 3
    Played 3571 times
  • Pinata Party
    Pinata Party
    Played 1003 times
  • Beer Pong Girl
    Beer Pong Girl
    Played 457 times

    This college girl is ready to challenge some of her neighbors in the dorms. They’ll all be participating in an epic beer pong tournament. Who will be triumphant and who will puke their brains out? Let’s discover the answer in this totally wild action game.

  • Sheriff's Wrath
    Sheriff's Wrath
    Played 294 times

    Bandits have robbed this small town’s bank. Now it’s up to this courageous lawman to set things right in this shooter game. Help him take down the bandits while he avoids hurting the innocent townspeople and keeps an eye on the ammo in his six-shooter.

  • Brave Archery
    Brave Archery
    Played 152 times

    Brave Archery

  • Physics Zombie Shooter
    Physics Zombie Shooter
    Played 93 times

    Zombies are creating tons of problems for the residents of this small desert community. You know what to do, right? Blast them with everything you’ve got in this crazy action game, but be careful. You’ll also need to use the mighty power of physics to get rid of all of these undead jerks.

  • Tile Blaster
    Tile Blaster
    Played 36 times

    This colorful tank is facing an incredibly challenging mission. How long will it last while it attempts to destroy all of these tiles? Take control of the tank and find out in this intense action game.

  • Furry Brothers
    Furry Brothers
    Played 34 times
  • Feed Me and Get Out
    Feed Me and Get Out
    Played 29 times

    Can you keep this hungry cat well fed? Are you willing to do it while fighting your way through lots of dangerous levels filled with mutant felines? Grab a weapon and get to work in this crazy platformer.

  • School Invaders
    School Invaders
    Played 23 times

    When the aliens arrive, the kiddies with the best aim shall rule the school!

  • Dirk Valentine
    Dirk Valentine
    Played 23 times
  • Starry Knight
    Starry Knight
    Played 16 times

    In this fantastic and dreamy game you should help a brave starknight to bring some stars from the sky to his love. 28 amazing levels to go.

    Played 14 times

    The hunt is on in this intense io game. You'll be competing against gamers from all around the world while you fight mysterious monsters, collect power-ups, and attempt to keep your quiver full of arrows.

  • Getaway Shootout
    Getaway Shootout
    Played 0 times

    Will you make a clean getaway or end up in prison (or even worse, dead!) in this retro action game? Fight to escape on your own while you search for awesome weapons like bazookas, or go up against a friend in the two player mode. Just watch out for the open manholes that will send your straight into the sewer while you jump through double-decker buses and more while fleeing for the nearest train.