Role Playing Games for Girls

  • Minx’s Easter Adventure
    Minx’s Easter Adventure
    Played 26001 times

    The hunt for Easter eggs is on!

  • Fafu the Ostrich RPG
    Fafu the Ostrich RPG
    Played 4315 times

    Pull your head out of the sand, Fafu the Ostrich! There are heroic deeds to be done!

  • Jinx & Minx: Tower Escape
    Jinx & Minx: Tower Escape
    Played 21257 times

    Undead bunnies Jinx and Minx are stuck in a spooky tower--help them escape their prisons!

  • Snow Tale
    Snow Tale
    Played 1321 times

    No time for chillin'!

  • Where is 2009?
    Where is 2009?
    Played 6902 times

    That kid 2009 got lost - help Santa find the New Year.

  • Crazy Crossings
    Crazy Crossings
    Played 1144 times

    As a crossing guard, it is your duty to get the children to school safely!

  • Wizard Defense
    Wizard Defense
    Played 1281 times

    You'll need a few good spells up your sleeve to defeat this monstrous horde...

  • Grave Shift
    Grave Shift
    Played 1648 times

    The White Warlock's being seriously uncool. Your king needs you to take him out!

  • The Great Kitchen Escape
    The Great Kitchen Escape
    Played 3228 times

    Explore the kitchen, search for items and escape!

  • Panda’s Big Adventure
    Panda’s Big Adventure
    Played 1185 times

    Answering a call of nature leads to some time machine mayhem for this panda!

  • Pou in the Ambulance
    Pou in the Ambulance
    Played 2649 times

    Help turn Pou’s frown upside down as he heads to the hospital.

  • Survivor
    Played 2596 times

    Your house is on fire and you have 3 minutes to save the family from the blaze!

  • Racehorse Tycoon
    Racehorse Tycoon
    Played 4740 times

    ... they're off! Buy a horse, hire jockeys and trainers, win races and gamble!

  • Dinosaur Dash
    Dinosaur Dash
    Played 1924 times

    Lead this baby triceratops on a leaf-hunting dash and bash through this prehistoric terrain!

  • Phantom Mansion 1
    Phantom Mansion 1
    Played 785 times

    Guide Hector through the fiendish puzzles in the red chamber in the mansion!

  • Phantom Mansion 6
    Phantom Mansion 6
    Played 762 times

    Guide Hector through the fiendish puzzles of the Indigo Dungeon if you dare!

  • Phantom Mansion 5
    Phantom Mansion 5
    Played 666 times

    Guide Hector through the fiendish puzzles of the spooky Blue Ballroom!

  • Lagoon Quest
    Lagoon Quest
    Played 849 times

    Help the dolphin find his friends and get across the dangerous lagoon safely!

  • Drake and the Wizards
    Drake and the Wizards
    Played 893 times

    Only a dragon can take that despicable wizard down!

  • Phantom Mansion 4
    Phantom Mansion 4
    Played 661 times

    Guide Hector through the spooky and fiendish puzzles in the Green Gallery!

  • Magic Heaven
    Magic Heaven
    Played 221 times

    Destroy the guardians by freezing and kicking and go to the next level.

  • Phantom Mansion 2
    Phantom Mansion 2
    Played 411 times

    Guide Hector through the fiendish puzzles in the library in Phantom Mansion!

  • Phantom Mansion 3
    Phantom Mansion 3
    Played 273 times

    Guide Hector through the puzzles of the Yellow Tower in the Phantom Mansion!

  • Phantom Mansion 7
    Phantom Mansion 7
    Played 388 times

    Guide Hector through the fiendish puzzles of the Violet Vault in the Phantom Mansion.

  • Bug Off
    Bug Off
    Played 195 times

    Butterflies are the sheepdogs of the insect world…

  • Shinland
    Played 139 times

    No more being lost at sea: you’re not leaving this crazy island without a map.

  • Tomb of Doom
    Tomb of Doom
    Played 267 times

    Tombs aren't made for the living, so get out while you can!

  • YogiPoco
    Played 404 times

    The quest for the Legendary Daisy is filled with magic and mystery.

  • Alkirian: The Seven Scepters
    Alkirian: The Seven Scepters
    Played 375 times

    This Egyptians knew how to protect their treasures!

  • Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure
    Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure
    Played 256 times

    Everyone is invited to Tanaka's party, if he can find them first...

  • Drake in Winterland
    Drake in Winterland
    Played 325 times

    Stomp out the competition in this dreamy dragon adventure!