Kissing Games for Girls

  • A Kiss Goodbye
    A Kiss Goodbye
    Played 48844 times

    This loving couple is kissing goodbye at the airport! Dress them up in the cuddliest outfits on a rainy day before he boards his plane.

  • Equestria Girls: Secret Kiss
    Equestria Girls: Secret Kiss
    Played 31479 times

    The Equestria Girls are having sneaky fun! Sparkle and Flash is in love but can they have a secret kiss or two without being seen?

  • Jack and Elsa College Kiss
    Jack and Elsa College Kiss
    Played 16549 times

    Elsa and Jack Frost are off to college. After a long day of lectures and classes, they’d like to unwind with a little smooching. Unfortunately, Olaf the snowman has travelled all the way from Arendelle to visit them. Can you help the cute couple have a romantic moment without him catching them in this kissing game inspired by Frozen, the popular Disney movie?

  • Elsa and Jack Cinema Kissing
    Elsa and Jack Cinema Kissing
    Played 18285 times

    Elsa and Jack are in love! An evening at the cinema is so romantic. Olaf and Sven are there to keep an eye on the lovely couple. Can you help Elsa and Jack to sneak a sweet kiss without being caught?

  • Beach Kiss
    Beach Kiss
    Played 92465 times

    Love is in the air this summer in Beach Kiss! Make out with your beach babe one while no one is looking to earn lots of points!

  • Sofia the First: Kissing
    Sofia the First: Kissing
    Played 9558 times
  • Total Drama: Twister Kiss
    Total Drama: Twister Kiss
    Played 12398 times

    This cool couple wants to get their smooch on. Can they do it without their friend finding out though?

  • Snow White Kiss
    Snow White Kiss
    Played 15408 times

    Only Prince Charming can wake up the princess but the dastardly witch won’t make it easy...

  • Kiss the Frog
    Kiss the Frog
    Played 10021 times

    The power of true love knows no bounds. It can work wonders!

  • Christmas Holiday
    Christmas Holiday
    Played 5271 times

    Even Pokemon love the holidays. Help these two Christmas cuties sneak a kiss under the tree.

  • Vampire Show
    Vampire Show
    Played 4524 times

    These two gorgeous ghouls love to smooch, but a pesky bat keeps ruining the mood! Can you help?

  • Mermaid Kiss 2
    Mermaid Kiss 2
    Played 29753 times

    Lose your lips to secret seaside love!

  • Mystery of the Siren
    Mystery of the Siren
    Played 1138 times

    All that hanging around by the sea means sirens love smooching!

  • Mermaid Kiss
    Mermaid Kiss
    Played 36316 times

    Help a surfer dude and his mythical mermaid ride the wave of love!

  • My Kitty's Kiss 2
    My Kitty's Kiss 2
    Played 3837 times

    Kissing kitties are the cutest cats!

  • Unicorn Miracle
    Unicorn Miracle
    Played 3690 times

    Love isn’t all rainbows and unicorns…or is it?

  • Rock & Roll Time
    Rock & Roll Time
    Played 2677 times

    Rocker chick Jessica is center stage—and center of a love triangle—in this kissing game…

  • Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty
    Played 15886 times

    What’s the best way to wake up a sleeping princess? With a kiss, of course!

  • Flying Carpet Dream
    Flying Carpet Dream
    Played 3114 times

    Where's the most romantic place for a magical evening? A flying carpet, of course!

  • Little Paris Trip
    Little Paris Trip
    Played 3229 times

    A trip to the City of Love can only mean one thing…a smooch on the lips!

  • Under the Sea
    Under the Sea
    Played 5992 times

    True love exists at the bottom of the ocean...

  • Twilight Triangle
    Twilight Triangle
    Played 31111 times

    Team Edward or Team Jacob—which one would you choose?

  • My Kitty’s Kiss
    My Kitty’s Kiss
    Played 5468 times

    Don't let the cat out of the bag...

  • Princess Kiss
    Princess Kiss
    Played 2326 times

    Hold on to your hat—it's time to sneak a smooch!

  • Kiss at the Wedding
    Kiss at the Wedding
    Played 3286 times

    …And now you may kiss the bride…

  • Kiss in the Moonlight
    Kiss in the Moonlight
    Played 2872 times

    Pucker up those luscious lips for some smooching under the stars!

  • Sweet Kisses in the Park
    Sweet Kisses in the Park
    Played 7527 times

    Pucker up for an adventurous peck in a picturesque park!

  • Christmas Kiss
    Christmas Kiss
    Played 3251 times

    Who needs mistletoe?

  • First Classroom Kissing
    First Classroom Kissing
    Played 22879 times

    Kissing in the classroom? What next?!

  • Kissing in the Cinema
    Kissing in the Cinema
    Played 9795 times

    Going to the movies just got a whole lot more interesting.

  • Lady Gaga Kissing
    Lady Gaga Kissing
    Played 2198 times

    Bad romance or not, help Gaga avoid the paparazzi's prying eyes.

  • Birthday Kissing
    Birthday Kissing
    Played 34909 times

    Who wants another piece of birthday cake when you can have a second helping of kisses?

  • Kissing Flight
    Kissing Flight
    Played 3317 times

    Love is in the 50,000 feet!

  • Kissing in the Classroom
    Kissing in the Classroom
    Played 8537 times

    A smooch a day gets you nothin' but straight A's!

  • Knight's Day
    Knight's Day
    Played 685 times

    Time to man up and rescue a damsel in a distress!

  • Picnic Kiss
    Picnic Kiss
    Played 689 times

    Pucker up for some picnic pecking action!

    • Kissing Rikshaw
      Kissing Rikshaw
      Played 8754 times

      Stealthy secret smooching...

    • Cinema Kiss
      Cinema Kiss
      Played 637 times

      Ready for your close-up with this handsome hunk?

    • Cosmo Kiss
      Cosmo Kiss
      Played 863 times

      Psyched for an interstellar smooching session?

    • Rock & Kisses
      Rock & Kisses
      Played 429 times

      Rock a lip-lock with this groovy groupie!

    • Annie Wedding Kissing
      Annie Wedding Kissing
      Played 1881 times

      These newlyweds are ready to pucker up—so speak up now or forever hold your peace!

    • High School First Kiss
      High School First Kiss
      Played 2328 times

      Huddle up in the hallway for some cozy kissing action with your cute crush!

    • Beach, Surf and Kiss
      Beach, Surf and Kiss
      Played 762 times

      Surfing and smooching are the only things that matter to these beach bums!

    • Skate Park Kissing
      Skate Park Kissing
      Played 1101 times

      Watch out for all the skater posers: they just want to interrupt your smooching session!

    • Cheerleader First Kiss
      Cheerleader First Kiss
      Played 2024 times

      Step out of the stands and onto the field for a first French kiss!

    • Cute Monkey Kissing
      Cute Monkey Kissing
      Played 1457 times

      Sneak in a smooching session, but don't let the other animals see you monkeying around!

    • Horse Stable Kissing
      Horse Stable Kissing
      Played 6305 times

      Kissing on the job isn't strictly prohibited, so make sure the boss doesn't see!

    • Escape the Camp
      Escape the Camp
      Played 10490 times

      When love beckons, it's time to leave camp behind!