Horse Games for Girls

  • Pony Princess Hairstyles
    Pony Princess Hairstyles
    Played 901 times

    Why is she the princess of the ponies? Because of her wild mane, of course!

  • Animal Stackers
    Animal Stackers
    Played 897 times

    It's raining cats and dogs...and horses and chickens and sheep.

  • Ponyland Decoration
    Ponyland Decoration
    Played 825 times

    These pretty ponies could use some help with sprucing up their new home.

  • My Pony Tale
    My Pony Tale
    Played 401 times

    This spunky stallion's out to steal his true love's heart!

  • Lovely Pony
    Lovely Pony
    Played 231 times

    Prepare this pretty pony for a perfect day of prancing around the field!

  • Fantasy Pony Dress Up
    Fantasy Pony Dress Up
    Played 167 times

    This fantasy pony has more beautiful dress-up options than you could possibly dream!