Guitar Games for Girls

  • Guitar Decoration
    Guitar Decoration
    Played 1900 times

    Perfect your skills and you might just get a guitar of your own...

  • Guitar Crazy
    Guitar Crazy
    Played 967 times

    Live the guitar god dream, rocking out while safely behind the keyboard.

  • Battle of Rock Gods
    Battle of Rock Gods
    Played 309 times

    Press the correct keys to create one of 14 great rock guitar solos!

  • Hoochi Coochie Man
    Hoochi Coochie Man
    Played 1292 times

    Click the neck of the guitar and perform a great solo!

  • Virtual Guitar
    Virtual Guitar
    Played 687 times

    A nice game to practise the sounds of a guitar.

  • Guitar Playing
    Guitar Playing
    Played 2657 times

    Practise the guitar with this game.