Fun Games for Girls

  • Slacking Gym
    Slacking Gym
    Played 4199 times

    Exercising at the gym for so long gets tiring. Relax with some fun activities without getting caught!

  • Reeled In
    Reeled In
    Played 488 times

    Get ready to show off your fishing skills with this wacky harpoon!

  • Trump Donald
    Trump Donald
    Played 1141 times

    Trump Donald Trump with a trumpet for a good laugh and fun!

  • Secret Story: Hidden Objects
    Secret Story: Hidden Objects
    Played 598 times

    This poor fairy has misplaced all of her magic. Let’s see if we can get it back.

  • Bartender
    Played 3038 times

    Pour, shake, and serve your own mouth-watering cocktail!

  • Campus Flirting
    Campus Flirting
    Played 2392 times

    So many new boys to flirt with, so little time...

  • Mermaid Kiss 2
    Mermaid Kiss 2
    Played 2832 times

    Lose your lips to secret seaside love!

  • Eat
    Played 2272 times

    It’s eat or get eaten in this cute io game. Will you survive each one of these battles? You can select the awesome aquatic warrior of your choice. Will you fight as a fearsome piranha? Or maybe a sea turtle that can hurl bombs at anyone who tries to bite him? Choose but choose wisely!

  • Tip Tap
    Tip Tap
    Played 2778 times

    Click or tap the screen to turn your vehicle. See how far you can get without it falling off of the track!

  • Ayse & Ali rope jumping
    Ayse & Ali rope jumping
    Played 1149 times

    Don't get too tangled in these jump rope gymnastics!

  • Mermaid Princess
    Mermaid Princess
    Played 2050 times

    Make some mischief under the sea!

  • Kitty Cake Quiz
    Kitty Cake Quiz
    Played 406 times

    Pick out some yummy ingredients and find out what kind of cake you like best.

  • Wake Up Sleeping Beauty
    Wake Up Sleeping Beauty
    Played 786 times

    Can you find the right ingredients to make a magical lip balm that will help the prince wake up his lady love?

  • Trollface Quest: Sports
    Trollface Quest: Sports
    Played 3597 times

    This troll takes exercise very seriously. Help him turn his friend into a total beefcake.

  • White Kitty Dress Up
    White Kitty Dress Up
    Played 528 times

    Snowball the cat loves when you dress her up! What costume will you give her today?

  • Baby Hazel: Cleaning Time
    Baby Hazel: Cleaning Time
    Played 469 times

    Hazel’s helping her mom tidy up the kitchen. What should she clean first?

  • Splatty.Io
    Played 1933 times

    Can you paint over all of the other players in this splatter-rific io game? Fling balls of paint at them while you try to become the biggest and baddest splotch of them all.

  • The Handwriting Quiz
    The Handwriting Quiz
    Played 2060 times

    What does your handwriting say about you? Only one way to find out…

  • What Candy Are You?
    What Candy Are You?
    Played 2257 times

    Perky peppermint or tangy taffy?

  • Pussycat Vintage
    Pussycat Vintage
    Played 1387 times

    Cool kitties love popping tags at thrift shops, but sometimes pairing foxy vintage pieces is tough!

  • Trollface Quest TrollTube
    Trollface Quest TrollTube
    Played 17282 times

    Trololo! Trollface is trolling TrollTube! Help him search for some unlucky adventures and solve the tongue-in-cheek puzzles in a point-and-click game that will have you screaming for more. Troll on the floor laughing!

  • Fish Tales
    Fish Tales
    Played 232 times

    You've gotta learn it's a fish-eat-fish world if you wanna grow up.

  • Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure
    Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure
    Played 3547 times

    Curiosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure!

  • Burger Restaurant 4
    Burger Restaurant 4
    Played 3814 times

    Travel all over the world...and the solar system...and keep those burger lovers happy!

  • Trollface Quest 13
    Trollface Quest 13
    Played 732 times
  • Screen Kiss
    Screen Kiss
    Played 1174 times

    Keep your eye on the girl and guess her position in order to kiss her.

  • How to Make a Sequel
    How to Make a Sequel
    Played 375 times

    How to Make a Sequel? Follow the instructions and use your creativity to move the cow to the exit and complete the same scene once and again. ¡Have fun!

  • Summer Fun
    Summer Fun
    Played 247 times

    Help this aquatic royal couple show each other a beachy good time with some playful pranks. But don't worry, they'll be sitting pretty by the end with a little summer styling help from you!

  • Kissing Flight
    Kissing Flight
    Played 316 times

    Love is in the 50,000 feet!

  • Best Friends Dress Up
    Best Friends Dress Up
    Played 383 times

    These two BFFs love to dress in the coolest outfits. What should they try on next?

  • Poolside Dress Up
    Poolside Dress Up
    Played 461 times

    With so many bathing suits and accessories, it's easy to impress that cute guy sitting by pool!

  • Fashion Designer World Tour
    Fashion Designer World Tour
    Played 5797 times

    Now that you've mastered the art of fashion, it's time to take your collection on a world tour!

  • Burger Restaurant 3
    Burger Restaurant 3
    Played 3117 times

    Quirkier customers, ethnic dishes--burger restaurant is going on a world tour!

  • Santa's Quiz
    Santa's Quiz
    Played 617 times

    This festive Christmas quiz is tougher than it looks. Can you make it all the way to the end?

  • Physics Drop
    Physics Drop
    Played 461 times

    Can you master the forces of physics while you fight to get this ball to fall into the cup? You’ll need to carefully construct pathways, and prevent them from collapsing, while you play through each level of this tricky puzzle game.

  • Charming Girls 3
    Charming Girls 3
    Played 3345 times

    Charm your way into these hunks' hearts. May the best flirt win!

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