Casual Dress Up Games for Girls

  • Cute Morning Princess Dress Up
    Cute Morning Princess Dress Up
    Played 2909 times

    Getting up early is way more fun when you get to dress like a totally awesome princess.

  • First Day at School Dress Up
    First Day at School Dress Up
    Played 1975 times

    This friendly freshman needs a fantastic look to keep her anxiety about the first day of school at bay!

  • Dress Up Me
    Dress Up Me
    Played 6289 times

    Funky casual style is the definition of any cool teen girl.

  • Olivia's Wardrobe
    Olivia's Wardrobe
    Played 2175 times

    Olivia just went home from swimming and wants to get dressed up. Help her!

  • Claire’s Room Dress up
    Claire’s Room Dress up
    Played 4265 times

    Claire’s room was MADE for accessorizing!

  • Anime 3D Girl Dress Up
    Anime 3D Girl Dress Up
    Played 2440 times

    Being an anime character in 3D means you have to look awesome from every angle!

  • Style Up Loona
    Style Up Loona
    Played 3327 times

    Can you draw up the perfect style for Loona?

  • Pink Heart Dress Up
    Pink Heart Dress Up
    Played 810 times

    Dress this fresh-faced girl in some lovely new clothes!

  • Moka Dress Up
    Moka Dress Up
    Played 563 times

    Help Moka try on many different looks!

  • Claire's Getting Ready
    Claire's Getting Ready
    Played 3434 times

    Help Claire find some clothes and accessories and choose an outfit for her!

  • Emo Style Girl
    Emo Style Girl
    Played 1186 times
  • Dress the Chibi
    Dress the Chibi
    Played 1398 times

    Make this chibi even cuter with precious clothes and accessories!

  • Kid Dress Up
    Kid Dress Up
    Played 1521 times

    Give this cartoony girl a fantasy outfit of your choice.

  • Tiny Dress Up
    Tiny Dress Up
    Played 730 times

    When you're this small, you're as cute as a button in any outfit!

  • Style Up Kimmi
    Style Up Kimmi
    Played 1944 times

    Bring Kimmi's look to life with your favorite colors!

  • Girl Dress Up
    Girl Dress Up
    Played 862 times

    Choose the girl and see what clothes she has in the wardrobe!

  • Cheeky Honey-Boo Dress up
    Cheeky Honey-Boo Dress up
    Played 2135 times

    When it comes to clothing, Cheeky Honey-Boo doesn’t make any boo-boos!

  • Style Up Susan
    Style Up Susan
    Played 1176 times

    Flesh out Susan's scene with color!

  • Sandra Summer Dress Up
    Sandra Summer Dress Up
    Played 583 times

    Sandra has just been shopping! Help her try on her new clothes.

  • Dress Me Up
    Dress Me Up
    Played 347 times

    Choose a hairstyle, top, bottom, shoes and see the new look of this nice girl!

  • Model Dress Up
    Model Dress Up
    Played 232 times

    Choose your model and dress her up in your favorite clothes and accessories!

  • I Dress Up
    I Dress Up
    Played 442 times

    Design a perfect look for this sweet girl, try on different types of hairstyles and clothes!

  • Back to Work Dress Up
    Back to Work Dress Up
    Played 108 times

    Make sure she looks good at work.

  • Maxim Fashion Dress Up
    Maxim Fashion Dress Up
    Played 36 times

    First decide how your model should look like and then dress her up.

  • Workfloor Dress Up
    Workfloor Dress Up
    Played 35 times

    Pick the most suitable outfir for this girl.

  • Emma Dress Up
    Emma Dress Up
    Played 257 times

    Help Emma pick nice clothes so she looks good every day!

  • City Dress Up
    City Dress Up
    Played 129 times

    Choose for her some casual clothes that are really fashionable!

  • Go Goddess Style Dress Up
    Go Goddess Style Dress Up
    Played 306 times

    Choose your girl and give her a new look!

  • All Styles Dress Up
    All Styles Dress Up
    Played 477 times

    Choose new hairstyle and clothes for this girl.

  • Alison Dress Up
    Alison Dress Up
    Played 399 times

    Dress up Alison in the given clothes.

  • Dounia Dress Up
    Dounia Dress Up
    Played 32 times

    Dress up this funny girl just as you like.

  • Emmanuelle Dress Up
    Emmanuelle Dress Up
    Played 67 times

    Emmanuelle has got clothes for every occassion. Just dress her up!

  • Office Dress Up
    Office Dress Up
    Played 117 times

    What should this girl put on to her work at the office?

  • Roxi Dress Up
    Roxi Dress Up
    Played 117 times

    Give Roxi a change of image!

  • Orange Stars Dress Up
    Orange Stars Dress Up
    Played 38 times

    Dress this pretty little girl up in some stylish clothes!

  • Yellow Casual Dress Up 2
    Yellow Casual Dress Up 2
    Played 351 times

    Help Charlotte pick the perfect sunny look.

    • Maria in Paris Dress Up
      Maria in Paris Dress Up
      Played 39 times

      Maria wants an elegant look for her trip to Paris. Help her pick the perfect dress.

    • Bonnie Dress Up
      Bonnie Dress Up
      Played 111 times

      Bonnie's going out; help her sort through her closet for something to wear!

    • Dress Up Lily
      Dress Up Lily
      Played 406 times

      Lily is sorting through her closet…what to keep and what to toss?

    • Anna Stuff Girl Dress Up
      Anna Stuff Girl Dress Up
      Played 62 times

      Dressy or casual, Anna loves her stuff! What should she wear tonight?

    • City Fashion Dress Up
      City Fashion Dress Up
      Played 149 times

      Choose an outfit for Katrina to wear around the city on this warm summer day.

    • Gemini Dress Up
      Gemini Dress Up
      Played 43 times

      This Gemini expresses her star sign in style.

    • In the City Dress Up
      In the City Dress Up
      Played 28 times

      Sina wants to shine like the bright city lights.

    • Fall Fashion Frolic
      Fall Fashion Frolic
      Played 448 times

      Autumn leaves are Heddy's favorite accessory.

    • Streetwise Fashion Dress Up
      Streetwise Fashion Dress Up
      Played 127 times

      Flirty, flowing fashions make commuting a breeze!

    • Trendy Office Fashion
      Trendy Office Fashion
      Played 85 times

      The office is the perfect place to let your style shine!

    • Urban Summer Fashion
      Urban Summer Fashion
      Played 184 times

      Syrah wants to look sweet as she beats the heat of the city's summer streets.

    • Dress Up Maggie
      Dress Up Maggie
      Played 20 times

      Draw up a new outfit for Maggie.