Card & Board Games for Girls

  • Guess It
    Guess It
    Played 29229 times

    Can you guess the most popular answers to these survey questions and score higher than your opponent?

  • Solitaire FRVR
    Solitaire FRVR
    Played 3521 times

    There’s a reason why Solitaire is one of the world’s most popular card games. Ready for a few rounds?

  • Mahjong Quest
    Mahjong Quest
    Played 835 times

    Head off on a puzzling journey. Which direction will you head as you conquer each of these boards?

  • Solitaire Quest
    Solitaire Quest
    Played 519 times

    Get ready for a Gold Rush of fun that's full of cards and excitement.

  • Spider Solitaire
    Spider Solitaire
    Played 468 times

    You'll get caught in this web of crafty card stacking…

  • Monster Master
    Monster Master
    Played 183 times

    Use your monsters and magic to defeat your opponent.

  • Maganic Wars
    Maganic Wars
    Played 68 times

    Choose the card you want to use and click on the execute button to play your turn.

  • Maganic Wars 2
    Maganic Wars 2
    Played 85 times

    Select a card by clicking on it and hit the center button to play it.

  • Checkers Board
    Checkers Board
    Played 2084 times

    Play checkers and try to remove all of your opponent's pieces.

  • Flash Poker
    Flash Poker
    Played 82 times

    Make a bet, deal, see your cards and decide which you want to keep.

  • Jurassic Poker
    Jurassic Poker
    Played 11 times

    Place your bet, deal and decide which cards you want to hold.

  • Crecent Solitaire
    Crecent Solitaire
    Played 496 times

    Move all of the cards from the outer piles onto the central foundation areas.

  • Poker Machine
    Poker Machine
    Played 116 times

    Place your bet, click 'deal' and see what cards you get this time...

  • 3 Card Poker
    3 Card Poker
    Played 50 times

    Drag chips to the Pairs Plus and/or Ante circles to bet!

  • Tripeaks
    Played 165 times

    Move the cards in the field to the card at the bottom till the field is empty.

  • Joker Poker
    Joker Poker
    Played 118 times

    Play Joker Poker and make winning combinations!

  • Spider Soli
    Spider Soli
    Played 1599 times

    Reorder the cards on the table to build them down the ranks!

  • Absolute Poker
    Absolute Poker
    Played 21 times

    Make a bet and get the winning combination!

  • Tri Tower Solitaire
    Tri Tower Solitaire
    Played 1327 times

    A chain of cards will lead you to the hidden castle…

Free online Card & Board Games for Girls

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