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Easy 2 Cook


Any which way you slice it, this fast-paced cooking challenge is loads of fun!

How to play Easy 2 Cook

Hover the cursor over "Recipe" to find the list of ingredients and level of heat to use. To add an ingredient, you must: 1) Drag it to the empty circle on your prep table. 2) Click on the number (1, 2, 1/2) indicated in the measurement. 3) Click on the unit of measurement (spoon or cup). To cut an object: 1) Drag it from the circle to the cutting board. 2) Click on the knife. 3) Click and drag from the blue dot to the end of the arrow. 4) Repeat until finished, then click the item to put it in the pan. When the recipe is complete, click "Done." When the moving dot is in the correct heating level, click it. Garnish as indicated.

Need help? watch our Walkthrough for this game.

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