1. 1.      How Do I Chat?

Everyone, including Tourists and our younger players, can chat in ourWorld.  Just type what you want to say in the  chat field (lower-right of the screen) and everyone in the room will see your message.  If you use a word (or spelling) that isn't accepted by the ourWorld chat filter, the system will do its best to come up with a similar word.  

Players who have saved their character and verified their Email also have access to Whisper Chat. Whisper chat allows you to send private messages to other players, including friends who are not in the same ourWorld room as you. 

To use Whisper Chat, click on a player's avatar or Friends bar image and click "Whisper". You will see their name appear in the chat field and the message you type will go directly to that player, and nobody else. 

To verify your Email, go to your Account page.  Enter a valid Email into the top field and click "submit".  A message will be sent to that address.  Click the link in the message to verify the Email and activate your Whisper Chat.

Younger players (under 13) are limited to a more restrictive "White List" Chat.  

  1. 2.      How can a guest save his or her ourWorld character?

To get started in ourWorld, click the big PLAY button! When you're ready, click SAVE.  You'll create your ourWorld account by filling out a short registration form.

  • Name Your Character: You must choose a unique name. If it's not accepted, chanced are somebody else already chose that name.
  • Your Birthday (Month, Day, Year): Make sure you type the whole year: 1994 works, 94 does not
  • Email: This will be your Login Email, so you'll need to remember it to log back in later!
  • Password (and Confirm): Must be at least six digits. You'll need to remember this too!

When you return to ourWorld, log in with the Email and Password you provided when you created your account.  You'll find your character just as you left it, with all your progressed automatically saved from that point on.  


  1. 3.      Does ourWorld cost anything?

The basic ourWorld game is free to play.  In addition to the free game experience, ourWorld sells both Gems and Resident Membership options which may be purchased in an assortment of different payment methods.  Players can click the Gems tab at the top of the ourWorld screen to see all the different ourWorld premium offers.


  1. 4.       How do I become a Resident?


Pay Online

You may become an ourWorld Resident instantly by clicking "Upgrade My Membership" at the top your ourWorld screen and paying online though our secure payment options:



For online payments, we currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal (PayPal cannot do automatic billing, and is only available for twelve month subscriptions.) Additional electronic payment options are being planned for the future.

Monthly subscriptions are set up with automatic billing, deducting the membership fee automatically each month. 



You account will be upgraded immediately upon receipt of payment.



  1. 5.       What do Residents get that Tourists do not?

Residents get the following additional benefits over free Tourist memberships:

  • 150 gems per month (awarded all at once for yearly members, and on the monthly anniversary for monthly subscribers.)
  • A larger personal space, called a Mondo Condo, that may be furnished and decorated using ourWorld's huge selection of furniture and decor.
  • +100% Flow from games and activities.
  • Larger inventory space for both pictures and clothes.  
  • Expanded selection of eye and hair colors.
  • A free 'bonus' item, available only to residents, each month.
  • Unlimited access to member's only areas like The Beach (and maybe more in the future.)
  • No non-ourWorld ads.
  • 10 Outfit slots instead of 3
  • 1000 friend slots instead of 400

 The bonus item is awarded as part of the first site update of the month and is found in your Condo inventory.

  1. 6.       What are Residency Passes?


ourWorld Residency Passes gives you the perks of ourWorld Residency and doesn't come with gems.  The perks include:


  • Selling in the Marketplace
  • Access to exclusive areas such as the ourWorld Beach and the Skeleton Key Dungeon
  • Exclusive Resident items
  • A larger personal space, called a Mondo Condo, that may be furnished and decorated using ourWorld's huge selection of furniture and decor.
  • No non-ourWorld ads
  • 100% Flow from games and activities


 There is a 1 month Residency Pass , which gives you residency for  1 month.  There is a 3 month Residency Pass, which gives you residency for 3 months!  You can purchase the ourWorld Residency Passes in the Enchantment store.


  1. 7.       How do I move my avatar and go to different places?


When you want to move you avatar, just point and click and your avatar will move to the spot you clicked. If you want to enter a building, just click on the door and your avatar will move through the door. Some locations don't have doors, but you can still leave by clicking on the Exit sign or using the 'GO' menu in the upper left of the screen.



  1. 8.       How do I change the look of my Avatar?

You can change how your avatar looks a number of ways:

  •  Skin, hair, and eye color, body height, and facial features can be selected in your profile.
  • What you wear can be changed by purchasing clothes, costumes, and other enhancements in the ourWorld shops.
  • Some costumes are also available when you participate in ourWorld activities, like ordering cakes in the Cake Mania room.


Can't find the answer to your question?  

-Once logged in ourWorld, select Account then Help in the Upper right.

-Type your question in the "Ask a Question" box and then click Send button. A live volunteer will answer your question.


Problems with a payment transaction?


If you haven’t received your credits within 24 hours you can send an email to payment@gamesgames.com with the following information:

  • Name of the game
  • Website
  • Your username:
  • Payment method:
  • Amount & number of credits bought:
  • Date & time:
  • Transaction code


Once we have received the payment details we will sort out your transaction as soon as possible!