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Create Your Own Avatar

Each member of GirlsGoGames has their own profile - creating this is the first step after signing up. To stand out from the crowd, you should add an avatar to your profile. You can either select a pre-made one, or create one yourself.

On the profile page, you can also find information about the awards you've won, the creations you've made, the high scores you've set and the amount of profile points you have. If you post a comment about a game or creation, your username and avatar will be displayed next to that comment both on your profile page and underneath the game.

If you don’t want people you don't know to see your profile, you can set it to private.

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Win Awards for Playing Games

There will be more and more games added to the site in which you can win awards! To win an award, you need to achieve certain goals in the game. If you win an award, it will be displayed on your profile page.

If you’re not signed in, an image of a cup below the game will tell you that it has awards to win. Click the cup to see what you have to do to get one. There are five awards to unlock in each award game. Do you want to go straight to all games with awards? Then click here.

Each award is worth a certain amount of points. Find out more about earning profile points below (see the image with the star).

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Earn Profile Points

Each award you win gives you points. Of course, for an easy award you get less points than for a hard one. Wanna know how many points you’ve earned? Just check your profile. The more points you have, the better a gamer you are!

Check out your friends’ profiles to see if you’re still the gaming queen!

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Keep Track of High Scores

GirlsGoGames also has games in which you can set high scores. Get the highest score and show all your friends how awesome you are! Did you beat them? Check your friends' profiles or the game’s high-score list to see where they rank.

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Create an Album

Do you like arts and crafts? Well here’s your chance to get crafty online in our creation games! Not only can you save your works of art in your own album, but they are also visible to whoever plays the game!

Make a pretty, fun, cute, or crazy creations in one of these games and click here to see a collection of all the creations made so far.

All creations are saved in the album in your profile. Others can also see them both there and through the game itself. (This is where they can post comments or rate your artwork.) Of course you can also rate the creations of others!

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Post Comments

You can comment on every game. Let everyone know if you think a game is fantastic or not so hot. Challenge other players (for example, if they just scored a mega high score), or ask them for their comments to help you decide whether you want to play at game or not.

You can also add comments to other players’ creations. Tell them what you think, or maybe offer some tips? You can share everything, but keep it friendly!

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Report Bad Behavior

If you don’t like a comment or picture - for example, if it contains curse words, is nasty, or if something in the picture bothers you - you can report it. This icon
appears beside every comment and picture. Clicking on it tells us that you are bothered by the content.

Your report allows us to take appropriate action by, for example, by removing the picture or comment. It’s important to us that everyone has a good time at GirlsGoGames!

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Save Your Favorite Games

New games are added to daily, and there are a LOT of games. If there’s a game that you really liked, you may not be able to find it again. But you can now save your favorite games to your profile, where it’ll be easy to find! On your profile you’ll see ‘My Fave Games,’ and under this you will find all games that you’ve saved.

You can add a game to your ‘Fave Games’ by clicking on
. You’ll find this button at the bottom-left of any game.

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